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NOTE: The authors and operators at Crossroads Rabbitry are not veterinarians. We are not qualified to give official veterinary advice. The following information is drawn from our experiences and research, but is not guaranteed. Please consult a qualified veterinarian before giving any fruit, vegetable or treat to your rabbit.

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Just like people, bunnies enjoy a good meal. A nice mix of hay, vegetables, pellets, as well as fresh water will make your rabbit healthy and happy. Read on for more information about what to feed your pet rabbit.

See Building a Relationship with Your Rabbit for more information.

Go to  for more information on the White, Blackand Broken varieties, including their history and uses as commercial meatrabbits. I would also like to thank the for their invaluable contributions to rabbit veterinary medicine, as well as for their endless information on general rabbit care.

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Because of all these attributes they can make an excellent pet. Care Sheet Information on the supplies necessary to care for your pet rabbit. Food & Diet

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Perhaps you've just your first rabbit, or maybe you already have a rabbit and would like more information to help you understand her better. The , a national nonprofit organization, recommends that you keep your rabbit in the house rather than . Rabbits are intelligent, social animals who need affection, and they can become wonderful companion animals if given a chance to interact with their human families.If you’ve done your research and feel confident you can properly care for a bunny, please adopt a rabbit from a rescue or shelter instead of purchasing one from a breeder or pet store. Shelters are overflowing with homeless bunnies of all shapes and sizes. See our article, , for more information.Welcome to Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Information website. If you already own a rabbit, Fuzzy-Rabbit can help you learn to interact on a higher level with your rabbit, and help you understand rabbit communications. For potential rabbit owners, have a browse through the information on this site as it can help you understand what to expect when you take on a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits are delicate creatures that need the right care to be happy and healthy. If you are looking for specific information, you can use the or have a look at the site map to locate the information you require. If you don't find the answer to your question,. I have developed a for my rabbitry that you may wish to use. I have presented the schedule in the form of a flow chart. This flow chart is followed by the same information in a detailed instruction format. To get a permanent copy, you may print the page by going to it and pressing [Ctrl-P].