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When a fast meltdown in sub-zero weather is all that counts, Diamond Crystal® Flash Melt® ice melt pellets are the perfect choice. They give off heat as they dissolve, melting more ice faster at lower temperatures — as low as -25 degrees F. Melts more so you can use less, with no powdery residue.

By selecting a region it allows Central Turf & Irrigation to better serve your needs!

The that potassium poisoning leads to hyperkalemia, a condition that results in diminished kidney function and cardiac failure when acute. In fact, did you know that potassium chloride is used in lethal injections to stop the heart?

The right ice melt for your furry friends goes a long way.

Sam Adams is a  senior editor and the editor of ’s culture blog, Brow Beat. They published their study results March 30 in and say they consider this worst-case scenario inevitable without ambitious reductions in climate emissions from burning fossil fuels, such as those called for under the Paris Agreement.

8.5 lb. Jug, 15 lb. resealable bag.

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I think we need to think about the temperature too. It might change. Or not. Maybe no because this project won me a 2nd place prize!!!!

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At its best, Game of Thrones is one of the most thrilling shows in the history of television, combining epic scope with a complicated and genuinely shocking plot. And what better way to re-create that feeling than by watching a huge block of ice melt? That was the brain wave of HBO, which is currently staging a publicity stunt to reveal the date on which the show’s eagerly anticipated seventh season will premiere, involving a large chunk of ice and apparently not nearly enough fire. For 10 pulse-pounding minutes, fans—nearly 1.5 million of them—watched the ice melt on Facebook Live, obediently typing "FIRE" into the comments section in the hopes that the flames would rise and all would be revealed. But it turns out quite quickly that watching ice melt isn’t much different from watching paint dry. To quote one underwhelmed commenter, “This is like a really fun game that isn’t fun and it sucks.” Our professional grade de-icing products are the solution when dealing with hazards caused by ice on sidewalks, parking lots, loading areas and residential properties. Our de-icing products are specially formulated to work under the harshest conditions to eliminate ice, with minimal harm to the environment and property. Our ice melt products are formulated to avoid damage to landscape, vegetation, vehicles, equipment, footwear, concrete and floor coverings, with your client's safety in mind.Of course, you could just step away from the internet and check back in an hour or so, when 1.5 million blog posts will be broadcasting the premiere date loud and clear without leaving any puddles of lukewarm water. But how much fun would that be?DIY Ice Candle - Ice Candles are amazing to look at and even more fun to make. You pour hot wax right over ice cubes! The ice melts away and leaves holes inside the candle. Cool!