My Homemade Ice Cream Sundae Costume!

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Ice Cream Sundae Costume includes hot fudge ice cream sundae tunic and a cherry hat. This delicious Costume is available in one size fits most sizes Large/X-Large. Made of 100% Polyester. Care Instructions: Spot clean only.

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Ice Cream Sundae Adult Costume *** Be sure to check out this awesome product. I’d like to order one of each of these costumes, to be honest. How cute would I be? How about a zombie? Then I can scare those little people that live in my house! Until then, I leave with last year’s ice cream sundae where I didn’t even get a lick of ice cream!

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I made these Ice Cream Sundae Costumes with lightweight rubber bowls, felt, sweatshirts, fleece and elastic. First I cut the arms out of white oversized sweatshirts and sewed a sleeveless t-shirt inside. I stuffed pillow stuffing between the sweatshirt and t-shirt. I cut syrup and sprinkles out of felt and hot glued that to the sweatshirt. Then I cut leg hole out of the bowls with a drill and little holes to put elastic suspenders through. I tried each end of the elastic so it would not go through the holes.

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Our 1 year old daughter, Tinley is dressed up as an ice cream sundae. We wanted her to be in a group costume with her siblings which were dippin dots and an ice cream man.

Materials: a hooded cape from the dollar store, bed skirt, pillow stuffing, foam paper, headband, plastic bowl, red ball, red pipe cleaner, hot glue gun.

Instructions: cut the hooded cape to make a skirt for the "cone". Cut the middle white fabric off of the bed skirt. Cut 3 strips with each one gradually getting smaller in size. Fold the thickest strip in half & see together leaving ends open to stuff. Repeat for the other two strips and then stuff each one with the pillow stuffing. Hot glue the layers on top of each other going from largest at the bottom then so on. Cut the foam paper into sprinkle shapes, then hot glue onto the ice cream layers. For the head band: glue bowl onto headband. Then glue ball onto top of bowl & then the pipe cleaner on top of ball to resemble the stem of cherry. Then add "sprinkles".Ice Cream Sundae Costume includes hot fudge ice cream sundae tunic and a cherry hat to top it off. Shirt, pants, and boots not included. This yummy costume is available in child size Medium 7-10. Care Instructions: 100% Polyfoam, Spot clean only.Every bit as American as apple pie, the Ice Cream Sundae Costume is perfect for that family gathering, but is stylish enough to work for even adult Halloween parties!The costumes are a great idea, something different. A few years ago I dressed up as an ice cream sunday. We made a cardbaord bowl and decorated it with fake chocolate syrup, nuts, cream and a cherry on my head. By the end of the night it all fell apart! But it was fun!!