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The air in Crystal Cave is essentially saturated with water vapor which makes the relative humidity close to 100%. This high humidity is the result of moisture (water and carbonic acid) constantly seeping through the roof, walls, and floor of the cave. The constant temperature of the cave allows the high humidity to be maintained indefinitely.

You should now see the temperature and humidity values being sent to Adafruit IO.

… High/Low alarm Delayed start capability The TP125 is a two-channel, low cost data logger equipped with internal sensors for reading air temperature and humidity. Due to its compact size, rugged design and battery power, the TP125 can be placed just about anywhere. DicksonWare™…

Readings: 21,845 readings/channelTemperature/Humidity

Figure 18: Dependency of the dew point temperature on the humidity and temperature in the room The temperature of a parcel of air puts a limit on how much water vapor (humidity) the parcel of air can hold. The warmer the air, the more water vapor it can hold. By the same token, cold air can hold significantly less water vapor than warm air.

Relative Humidity Temperature Calibrator

Humidity is water vapor contained in air. At higher temperatures, air can hold more water vapor than the same amount of air at lower temperatures. For example, if a sealed parcel of air experiences a rise in temperature with no addition of water vapor, the relative humidity of the parcel of air decreases because the warmer air is capable of holding more water.

Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

This guide is part of a series of guides that cover the basics of using Adafruit IO. It will show you how to send temperature and humidity values wirelessly to Adafruit IO from a DHT22 sensor.Given the newly updated and revised ranges, we wanted to update our recommendations to reflect the temperature and humidity guidelines you should be following and monitoring in your data centers. Room Alert provides multiple ways to proactively monitor these environment conditions to make sure your most important resources and assets are always protected. Gartner Research – that’s $336,000 per hour. Don’t allow temperature, humidity or other environment conditions cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue!In late 2005, we published an article . Over the years, that article has been one of our most popular pages and has helped thousands of customers establish, monitor and maintain appropriate data center environment conditions. Since that article was written, ASHRAE has updated its recommendations for data center temperature and humidity.Our easily monitors both temperature and humidity with superior accuracy; these sensors are available in 25’, 50’, and 100’ lengths and are compatible with all Room Alerts.