How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

Puppy potty training is the bane of many new dog parents. That is why there are so many tutorials on how to housetrain a dog, with promises of how it can be simple and effortless.

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I believe that this is not a magical potty training device like it is advertised to be. I agree with all the points listed in the article. We are getting our third dog (though I have potty trained 5 total). Each dog is different. Some learn faster than others and some take longer to have full bladder control. This, in my opinion, is great for at night or when you cannot be home. But you would still beed to constantly watch your dog and direct them to their potty area when you see them starting to go or looking . And of course positive reinforcemnt. I will still take my dog outside as much ad possible because that is the goal. But, along with the puppy apartment I would still place some potty lads throughout the house to give our puppy a place to go if they have to. Our second dog learned much faster with potty pads combined with outside than our first dog did with just going outside. However, I will not spend the money on this. I will buy my own crate divider and have my husband cut some bars off instead. Much cheaper but same thing!

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of How to Potty Train Your Puppy Using a Bell was reviewed by  on January 3, 2017. I have three dogs and my oldest dog now 12 yrs old is fine using the outside to do her business but it's my 4 &1/2 yr old male (neutered) yorkie that refuses to do his business outside even if the door is open out into the back yard. He was pretty good when I just had him alone with me when I was living and working away from my home when he was 8mo's to 1 & 1/2. As soon as he got back home with my other dog he just copped an attitude. I then was given the task of caring for a mom and her two puppies last year just hours after their birth. I got the puppies to use pee pads but then started using those only if I left them inside while I was away. My problem is that when I train my dogs my husband doesn't feel he has to do things same way. He wouldn't put down puppy pads when leaving so I always come home to a flood of pee all over my tile floor next to the 1/2 bath. I ended up against good judgement falling in love with one of the puppies. She went on pee pads and outside when told to until recently when my son came to live with me and brought his 6 yr old dog who only will go potty if let out into the front yard. I refused to do this and she showed me by doing her business inside. Well my baby (youngest dog ) now refuses to go outside too. What do I do? Thank god I have all tile. Oh yeah and what's the best cleaning solution to clean my pee pee floors with? thanks. PS. i do walk them when I have help. I tried walking two at a time alone but the other two were so broken hearted and mad that they did their business while I was out walking the two lucky dogs who got to go out first that day.

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I've found with my dogs that I don't need to reward them with treats to potty train them. I do, however, throw a gigantic praise party for them when they go. My new puppy, a Goldendoodle, was successfully housebroken in less than a week. Yes, there have been a few accidents since then but I would have to say only about three or four. Dogs want to please.

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