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Hopper feeders accommodate a community of birds with lots of room to meet. Birds like cardinal, chickadee, finch, grosbeak and more love to perch and eat from hoppers. It's easy to fill, too--simply lift roof. Made with impervious, recycled plastic wood—non-porous and hygienic.

Hopper style bird feeders are more traditional and have a certain charm that many prefer.

This Perky-Pet Sun and Star Metal Brown Hopper Bird Feeder features all-metal construction with a modern look that is extremely durable and rustproof. The feeder includes 4 wide perching areas to allow many birds to feed at 1 time and holds up to 3.5 lb. of seed. Use black oil sunflower, mixed, safflower and hulled sunflower seeds for good results.

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A huge hopper feeder is sure to attract all kinds of birds. Seed-loving buntings and grosbeaks may... Oats grown for cereal or livestock feed are also eaten by many species of birds. This grain is rarely found in modern bird seed mixes, but you can try offering oats on a platform feeder or in a hopper. Species most likely to be attracted to oats include doves and quail.

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Peanut hearts for bird feeding are small pieces of peanuts without the shells that are best offered in a small hopper or on a platform feeder. Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and jays are most likely to take advantage of this food. Peanuts are high in energy and protein for your birds but keep an eye out for any signs of mold. Dispose of moldy peanut hearts immediately.

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Hopper bird feeders are a popular choice for feeding wild birds because unlike open platform bird feeders, they have an enclosed container or hopper that holds the bird seed and keeps things more tidy and sanitary. Hopper bird feeders generally hold a much larger capacity of seed than tube bird feeders, meaning you can fill them less often and spend more time watching the birds. They are usually made from wood or recycled plastic and most offer a clear window so you can monitor how much seed is left in your feeder. They also hold nearly any type of bird seed, sunflowers, safflower, or any birding mix, so you can attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard.This hopper feeder is constructed of heavy duty plexi-glass for long lasting durability and holds about 10 pounds of bird seed. Easy to clean and easy to fill. Any hopper attracts birds in the area as long as it is visible to them, and has a comfortable place for them to stand. Some common types of hopper bird feeders include those made from plastic bottles, milk cartons, wood, and Mason jars.