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Fossil shells are more commonly used by wild hermit crabs than one would think, but they should not be provided in captivity. They are much more brittle than unaltered shells, and much heavier since the original shell material is often replaced with other minerals. There can also be compacted sediments or rock deep in the shell, making it that much heavier. Also, there will be no mother of pearl lining on the inside of the shell, so will be more uncomfortable on the crabs' abdomen. Sometimes, it can be hard to spot a fossil shell, but in general, it will be flaky/powdery, dull colored, oddly stained, no longer smooth inside, heavier than normal, and maybe look like it has been replaced by minerals. You probably won't have to worry about acquiring fossil shells unless you get them unknowingly from estate sales, garage sales, eBay, the beach, etc. Normal hermit crab stores will not have fossil shells.

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First discovered living in the abyss of Curacao, the tusk hermit, , is unique in that it belongs to a family of hermit crabs that only use the straight shells of scaphopods to protect their back end. We have the first ever pictures of this crab on display and for sale at an aquarium store anywhere since the cost of collecting this little guy in the neighborhood of around 600 feet deep has earmarked all other specimens so far for public aquarium display.

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Replacement Shells for Hermit Crabs - Sea Shell Shop, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Sea Shell Shop. On Sale · Top Sellers · New Products · Gift Cards. As hermit crabs grow, eventually you will need large shells for hermit crabs in bulk sold wholesale. We carry murex shells for large hermit crabs, large turban shells for hermit crabs, snail shells for large hermit crabs, conch seashells and many more.

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This is probably not the background you’d expect for the thousands of brightly colored shells—each housing a tiny crustacean—for sale at shops lining the boardwalk on your summer beach vacation. But after receiving a disturbing tip about Brelean Corporation, a self-proclaimed supplier of captive hermit crabs to PetSmart, Petco, and other retailers, PETA took a closer look. Within days of the release of this video, PetSmart stated that one of its suppliers had cut ties with Brelean.

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