How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost in Price? - What's Average to Pay

Hedgehogs are exotic animals, which means they’re are more expensive that your average or rabbit. Hedgehog prices range from $75-$250, this is for the hedgehog itself and not all its essentials.

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Buying a hedgehog as a pet is an exciting experience, but not one to be rushed into. Before buying a hedgehog as a pet it is best to already have all the hedgehog supplies and have the cage set up and ready. Hedgehog prices and quality vary greatly, so it is best to shop around and do some research. Generally, the cost of a hedgehog is more at a breeder than at a pet store, but breeders usually have healthy and better quality hedgehogs than pet stores do.

Hedgehog Mittens NWOT MAKE AN OFFER ⭐️❗️BUNDLES special price❗️⭐️ Accessories Gloves & Mittens I offer shipping to legal states in the continental US. Shipping charges are usually around $275 (this is in addition to the price of your hedgehog). This includes the actual flight, the carrier, vet check, paperwork, and the cost of transporting your hedgie to the airport. We ship out of the Portland International Airport (PDX). I will not ship during extreme weather conditions. Once your submitted application has been approved, I can give you a shipping quote.

Due to fertility cycles, Spring and Summer are the best times to get a hedgehog. We will do our best to have hedgehogs available all year, but when that is not possible you will be placed on our waiting list and, as time passes, we’ll update you on our availability.

We are small hobby breeders of top-quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs located on Long Island, New York. Our babies are home-bred and hand-tamed, and their parents are our own spoiled personal pets. Please read the full site, then contact to get on the waiting list. Don't miss your chance to bring home one of our prickly darlings!Here at Hedgie Mama, we understand that times are tough. Lots of pet stores are charging $300 and up for unsocialized, possibly unhealthy hedgehogs. We seriously doubt that we'll ever charge that much for one of our babies! We're keeping our prices low, so the joy of hedgehog ownership is always within reach, no matter what your budget.Do you need a safe, reliable home for your hedgehog while you are away? We have limited space available for boarding all local hedgies. Your hedgie may borrow a cage here for a $5 fee for the whole visit or stay in their own cage (up to 6 sq ft, approval required). Please bring some of the food they're used to eating and their own wheel! He or she must be in good health before boarding - however as long as I know ahead of time and they are not contagious, I don't mind keeping up any necessary medication or special care for a small additional fee.
Boarding costs are $5 per night per hedgehog. If your hedgie stays for more than a week, the price is reduced to $3 per additional night. Contact me for availability.Although it may seem a bit strange to purchase health insurance for your hedgie, it’s actually a very wise move for the future. As a responsible pet owner you should be committed to taking your pet hedgehog to the veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup. If your hedgie has never been to the vet before, if it is lacking necessary vaccinations, or if it appears ill in any way, you should make it a point to schedule a vet visit as soon as possible. Vet fees for exotic animals like this tend to be more costly than a checkup for a traditional pet like a dog or cat. Some veterinarians won’t even see hedgehogs because they may lack the appropriate knowledge about this animal to provide the care that the animal needs, which could leave you having to seek out an exotic animal specialist. Although pet insurance will cost a minor fee each month (or a manageable lump-sum for the year), it can definitely come in handy for unexpected vet visits, especially if the animal suffers an injury, develops a long-term illness, or requires surgery.