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Hi all in todays video, I'll be unboxing and setting up the Reef Octopus Classic BH-300 Dual Hang On Protein Skimmer.

The BH-300 Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer is a very effective twin cup protein skimmer. It will skim aquariums from 300 to 600 litres and hangs on to the side or back of most aquariums. With the needle wheel technology it produces a small, finer bubble so it will remove more protein from the water. With the twin pump and twin chamber with collection cups, it has a lot more contact time so allowing to skim to a maximum.

Reef Octopus Products are functional, effective, aesthetically pleasing, reasonably priced, constructed from quality materials, and professionally manufactured. Where possible increased use of new technology helps us to decrease the amount of energy use by our products. Responding to new advances in reef keeping technologies to direct new innovations in the products we offer, we fulfill the advancing requirements of today (and tomorrows) marine aquarists.

- Hang on the Back with 2 chambers and twin collection cups
- Pump(s) Included : 2 x Aquatrance 1000S Needle Wheel Pumps
- Aquarium Size (Litres) : 300L - 600L

CPR was one of the first companies to design and manufacture a hang on back protein skimmer.

Hang On The Back Protein Skimmer Recommendation Can you giveme your personal opinion on a great skimmer to use on a 125G low-lightreef with no sump? I'm trying to keep this latest set-up, sump-freeand everyone has a different opinion on the best skimmers, based solelyupon which models they sell. I'd like your unbiased opinion on aplug and play skimmer, that can sit in the dry cabinet under this 125Greef. Thanks.-Pat

Reef Octopus Classic 90 Hang-on-Back Protein Skimmer

There are two types of hang on the tank (HOT) styles of the Remora protein skimmer to choose from: Protein skimmers the back of my aquarium is 2 inches awayfrom the wall, so I have no room for a hang-on protein skimmer. whatelse can I do? my tank holds 90 gallons, what size sump would I need?also, I am a little confused on sump set-up and operation. thank you,Lou Cipriani

Reef Octopus Classic 100 Hang-on-the-Back Protein Skimmer Quick look.

Cleaning the marine saltwater from unwanted waste and maintaining a stable PH level can be easily achieved by using hang on protein skimmer. The hang on skimmer is a perfect solution for hobbyists which have no sump unit. Find easily the ideal hang on protein skimmer at our varied catalog.

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Although nano tanks can only house a few aquatic life, there is still a great deal of work that goes into its care and maintenance. Some may argue that a protein skimmer isn’t really essential for a nano tank as most of the wastes will be taken off with your regular water changes. However, a nano protein skimmer efficiently removes all the gunk and waste from inside the tank without you having to lift a finger.There are several different types of protein skimmers available in the fish keeping hobby today, and they all have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you have done your research, and you have decided that a hang on protein skimmer is the one you want, then here are the 5 best HOB protein skimmers on the market.