Hamsters have cheek pouches used to store and carry food

One of the main problems is that a hamster will often beg for food even when they are not hungry. They maintain the habits that they have in the wild, and store food in their cheek pouches to eat later. In the wild this is because hamsters search for food at night, which they then take back to their underground home.

Yes all hamsters store food its normall. they can carrier 2 times body wait in there cheekpouches

it's just his instincts to hoard food coz in the wild, they have to store food for winter.

I will only be concerned if the hamster stores an excessive amount of food where the weather is warm n humid and the food turns back quickly. Other than that, I don't think there's anything to worry about

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Anyway, I was wondering can dwarf hamsters store food and other valuable things in their cheeks? I've seen teddybear hamsters do it...... Also, I've had a little success with sort of "arranging" my hamsters cage (and making him think it's his idea ;) ) What I did was find the places he stored food and, a little at a time, change it to where I wanted it (for example, NOT in the bath sand, or NOT in the wheel). It could stress him out if you move it all at once ( made that mistake once and my hamster started keeping his food, peeing, pooping and sleeping all in one place). I also have him toilet trained so that he pee's AND poops in the same place- but it can take a long time, and some hamsters will never go exactly where you want. But be patient, and keep at it, odds are he/she will get it eventually

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Hamsters have unique stretchy cheeks. They store food and carry bedding in these stretchy cheeks but can also develop diseases specific to them. are often extensively studied in research facilities for the unique characteristics of their cheek pouches.

Be sure to also remove any food your hamster may have stored.

Much like domestic hamsters in their cage, wild hamsters collect food in their cheek pouches then store it to eat later. Hamsters wake several times during the day to snack on the food they have stored. Even though they are not in the wild, your hamster will also enjoy snacking throughout the day, so make sure they have enough food to do this.Hamsters love to eat, and when not in captivity, they find their food by scavenging and returning to the nest with their findings. They use their cheek pouches to store and carry food, like a grocery bag that they always have available. A hamster can hold about half his body weight inside his cheek pouches, and when they're fully stuffed, the cheeks are about twice as wide as the animal's head and shoulders.