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At the dawn of the 41st Millennium, long after the chapter had made a name for itself, the Hammer Guard received a distress signal from a hive world near the Maelstrom, requesting urgent support. Upon arrival, the Hammer Guard were greeted by a world besieged by a slaanesh-worshiping warband known as the Warriors of Pleasure. The chapter war for the planet was long and fierce, with many battle brothers being lost, with the 4th company having 3 squads left after the purge was complete. This was not the worst casualty suffered in the campaign. During the final battle, 2nd company legate Geranios Ortev engaged the opposing warmaster in combat, supported by his chaplain Lucious Drios and Sunwielder Kvan Solev. The fight corrupted legate Ortev and Sunwielder Solev, who cut down their fellow brother-chaplain with the warmaster's chainaxe as he realized what had happened. When their fellow battle brothers arrived at their position, what they found was the legate and Sunwielder mourning their fallen chaplain. Geranios and Kvan soon began to corrupt the chapter from the inside, spreading the taint of Chaos like wildfire, until Kvan attempted to corrupt a member of the 7th company, a company so bound by brotherhood that the very thought of betraying their brothers, even for a moment, was considered heresy amongst their ranks. This lead to them reporting to the Guardian of the Imperium and a thorough purge of the Chapter commenced. After this the Chapter was severely undermanned for almost half a century.

The Hammer Guard are a Codex-Divergent chapter of Adeptus Astartes. They do not know their...

In 981.M41, the 2nd company, lead by Legate Karrova, came to the aide of a small, unnamed Feudal world. As they arrived within the system, their attempts to hail the planet over vox failed, and the company knew they were in for an honorable fight. Praying to the stars as they descended, the company would find no trace of life on the planet. Only after a day of searching did they find a signal, and the ground forces descended on it with haste. What they found at the coordinates of the signal was not survivors, but Chaos Space Marines wearing the same colors as them. They did engaged these strange traitors who, upon seeing them, began to cry out "make those that forget suffer!" As the battle raged on, Karrova and his forces felt a strange feeling wash over them, and a voice in their heads, telling them to stop, and welcome their lost brothers. Shaking it off, Karrova and his forces pressed on, until the voice was so loud in their heads it was clouding their thoughts. They were forced to stop, and soon were approached by a Sorcerer, who spoke in their heads, not in their ears. He told them that they were the company lost in the warp long ago, and that they were abandoned, left behind by their chapter. Alone in the warp, they found the greatest of all the stars, greater than the Emperor. The sorcerer urged them to join their lost brothers, and help them show the Hammer Guard the true stars.

The Dawnguard Rune Hammer is a that the is tasked with retrieving.

The Hammer Guard are a Codex-Divergent chapter of Adeptus Astartes. They do not know their... Dwarf Hammerers forms a personal bodyguard, chosen by the King himself. They are individuals from different units, and perhaps even clans, who have proven themselves in uncountable battles, showing not just great strength and deadly martial prowess, but also steadfast loyalty and a bold and courageous nature. They are formed into a hard-hitting shock unit, a force capable of breaking enemy formations the way a heavy warhammer crushes shale.

Mark "Hammer" Dixon is an Australian bodyguard and former boxer.

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – The Atlantic Beach, Fla.,-based Coast Guard Cutter Hammer and its crew are celebrating 50 years of serving boaters and the public in the coastal waters of Florida and southern Georgia Thursday.

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