Copper Butterfly Double Tail Halfmoon Male Live Betta Fish

The Halfmoon Doubletail Plakat Betta also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. Known best for their beautiful fins and color. Bettas can breathe from their labyrinth organ which enables the fish to breathe from the surface. Minimum tank size: 1/4 gallon

Live Betta Fish Male Fancy DEVELOPED BLUE Double Tail Halfmoon DTHM #Q13

Double Tail Betta Halfmoon - Betta fish action preparation for the contest to the winner

Bettas, also known as "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactivity, and low cost for care and maintenance. Betta fish can prove to be your best friend for up to four years. Follow these tips to make sure your new pal has a great, happy and healthy life.

Double Tail Betta Halfmoon - Betta fish action preparation for the contest to the winner

What is a Male Halfmoon Doubletail Plakat Betta?

Live Betta Fish Male Fancy Unique AOC Black Head Double Tail Halfmoon DTHM #P42 You will see this term used on the auctions of AquaBid. Since a single tail Betta with a 180 degree tail spread is referred to as a Halfmoon, it is reasoned a double tail Betta has two halves or half moons, making it a full moon. It is still just a double tail betta and the term is creative marketing...


Hobby breeders have selectively bred various mutations of betta splendens to create an incredible array of in different colors, patterns and fin types. Some bettas have spots like a Dalmatian while others have a marble pattern on their body and fins. Some even have dragon scales that are overlaid with white, copper or even platinum. There are bettas with crowntails, half-moon tails and even double tails. There's just no telling what kind of fascinating creature might turn up in the next batch of fry.

Double Tail Halfmoon Betta (Betta splendens)

Although with the advent of the Halfmoon craze the DT betta has lost much of its initial appeal, in my opinion there are still few things more magnificent than a fully-symmetrical, stout doubletail with overlapping fins in full flare!Doubletails are usually labled as halfmoon double tails. However, a halfmoon (when flared) should have a tail that makes a 180° line up and down. Many double tail bettas sold in pet stores as Double Tail Halfmoons (DTHM for short) are usually poorly bred.I've done this before in the past and was very surprised that it happened again.

It did not take long for these two beauties to mate. The male is a gorgeous Blue HalfMoon double tail Betta and the female,a gorgeous red Crowntail.

I did my research and when they were done mating and the male was collecting all the eggs and pushing them up into his bubble nest AND the female seemed to not produce any more eggs for him, I removed the female at the right time. The male stayed until the eggs hatched and tended to the babies until they were free swimming. A very attentive father ... never once thought of eating the babies.

Babies were hatched on October17, 2016! There seemed to be 50 - countless . Knowing most of them would not make it ... I think there may be 4 - 6 by now that I can make out . Iwill follow up with more video when they are big enough to see.I was at Petco and saw a gorgeous betta labled "Halfmoon Doubletail". It is a deep blue with white ends on its fins. Upon looking online, I was not finding much information on this type of betta. Is this type just a "Doubletail" or is there indeed a Halfmoon Doubletail Betta?