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They don't spread diseases as frequently as other pocket pets like rats and mice, but unfortunately there are some illnesses guinea pigs can pass to their human companions. Most of these diseases aren't serious in healthy adults, and the risk of contracting them is low, but a little prevention can minimize the risk.

Find out what foods will keep your guinea pigs healthy. Use the  page as a guide.

Hay And Guinea Pigs: Too much food and too little exercise are usually the cause of excess weight. One food that you can free-feed with confidence is . Guinea pigs rely on the high fiber of hay to wear down their constantly growing teeth and to keep their digestive tract moving. The nutrients in hay are important to guinea pig health. So don’t worry about feeding too much hay. As long as the hay is a grass hay and not alfalfa, give as much fresh hay daily as your little pals can eat. Alfalfa hay can only be fed to growing, sick or pregnant guinea pigs who need the extra nutrition and calories it contains.

Mar 11, 2013 - The vets had never heard of this in guinea pigs before

Guinea pigs can’t keep track of their own health. It’s up to you to do so for them. Welcome to the Guinea Pig Manual. Here you will learn all about guinea pigs: how to feed them, handle them, about their behaviour, how to choose a cage, bedding, about their health, social life, and much more – everything you need to know about guinea pig care in one place. Verified, concise, and user-friendly. Go on, read further!

Guinea pigs need a healthy diet in order to live a happy life

Your cavy (the proper name guinea pigs are known by) will depend on you for food, water, medical care and companionship. The advice on this site will help you give your pet a healthy start so you can enjoy each other's company for many years.

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If you are concerned about your guinea pigs behaviour/health, please visit your vet as soon as possible. Remember your vet needs to be a veterinary that works with exotic pets, guinea pigs, parrots and other small animals. Remember that prompt veterinary treatment could save your guinea pigs life, so please don't use any site as a substitute. An excellent site you could try for medical reference is which also has a very busy health and medical forumIn the wild, guinea pigs are a prey animal. Often they will try to hide the fact that they are poorly to avoid being singled out by predators, the domestic guinea pig acts in much the same way. Of course, some health problems can be detected straight away. Either by noticing a change in their behaviour or you may be able to see something that is wrong, for example, an eye infection. As their carer, you need to be vigilant and if you notice any changes in their behaviour, including eating and drinking habits, then prompt vetrinary treatment could save your guinea pigs life. Please remember you are looking for a veterinary that works with exotic pets, guinea pigs, parrots and other small animals. Ring your local guinea pig rescues or animal shelters and ask which vet they use. Make sure you look for a vet before your guinea pig becomes poorly and keep your vets telephone number in your phone book, all this saves precious time.