Natural Willow Balls for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas

Obviously ping pong balls are incredibly cheap. In fact, some dollar/99 cent stores sell ping pong balls (which means you can spoil your little pet with several ping pong balls instead of just a single toy!). Guinea pigs will love pushing the ping pong balls around their cage and might even try to pick them, chase them, push them up against the side of their cage- the possibilities are practically endless. A super simple toy that offers plenty of fun for active guinea pigs!

: Exercise wheels or balls are not good for guinea pigs and may injure their spines, legs or feet.

It’s extremely dangerous for a guinea pig to curve its spine backwards, and a wheel or ball forces the guinea pig inside to do just that. It can cause the pig severe pain and even permanent spinal damage. In addition to this, many pigs have suffered foot and leg injuries inside these balls, let alone the fact that they might go to the bathroom whilst inside and then be running around in their own dirt.

Natural Willow Balls for Rabbits Guinea Pigs and by the3bunnies.

Cardboard balls- would be good for rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, parrots Big plastic balls are marketed as being ideal for guinea pigs, but 99% of the guinea pigs in the world will sit, terrified, in the ball. This plastic ball is too disorienting for guinea pigs; it cuts them off from their environment, and doesn't allow them to really see where they're going. It's much better to just let your piggy roam in the kitchen, with a few towels thrown on the floor. Keep all wires, small spaces and other hazards out of your guinea pig's way during floortime.

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wheels, balls and other hazards
Do not buy rodent wheels for your guinea pig, even if they say "for guinea pigs." The bars on the wheel can easily injure a foot, and guinea pigs are simply not made for them: they are heavier than rodents and not as nimble for such a fast-moving contraption. Your cavy can break a foot in a rodent wheel. Keep in mind that guinea pigs are closer (in terms of care) to rabbits than to rodents.

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While exercise balls can be fun for hamsters when used correctly, other species like guinea pigs and chinchillas do NOT belong in exercise balls! Angry pet owners may wish to write or call PETCO to complain about this dangerous practice.Toys such as newspaper are also great for guinea pigs in regards to keeping them active. Inactive guinea pigs are at high risk for diseases like guinea pig diabetes, so keeping them active is key. Most newspapers are printed with soy-based dyes and don’t have staples, but you should check manually for staples and contact your newspaper company in regards to the dye just to be on the safe side. Other great toys to keep them active are tennis balls, ping pong balls, or pine cones for them to push around. The pine cones aren’t generally dangerous in the way that aromatic pine bedding that’s not been kiln-dried can be, but just to be safe, you should bake your pine cones at 200 degrees fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes on a bed of foil. This should catch any sap that may be embedded in the cones and essentially sterilizes the pine cones into a form that’s safe for piggy play! The best part is that they’re free and easily replaceable- depending upon where you live.