I rarely ever see guinea pigs play with toys.

By providing your guinea pig, rabbit or ferret with a safe chew toy, you’ll not only keep them healthy, you can also help reduce their interest in off-limits or dangerous items within their reach. Whether you have a guinea pig or a hamster, make sure to keep toys from overwhelming or crowding their habitat. To overcome this issue, some guinea pig pet parents set up special play areas with toys that may not usually fit within their cavy’s cage. Since guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets each have their own tube toy preference, there are also options available in different lengths, widths and textures.

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What kind of toys/ things should I get my guinea pig to play with

Guinea Pig Toys And Play What kind of toys/ things should I get my guinea pig to play with? I am not able to get another guinea pig, so he is in his cage most of the day and does not have a lot of toys. I need advice on how to minimize his loneliness.

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Guinea pigs love to play with each other and with toys. To encourage your guinea pigs to play with each other, give them out-of-cage time in a guinea pig-proofed room. Give them toys to play with and watch them chase each other and jump up in the air.

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Offer old toilet paper, paper towel and gift wrap rolls as chew and play toys for your guinea pig. Make sure all of the product it held is removed. Place a plain short or cut roll in with your guinea pig and let him drag it around or chew on it. Stuff a short roll with parsley, broccoli, pumpkin leaves or another safe treat and let your guinea pig have fun working to get the treat. Crumple up a piece of clean copy paper into a ball and roll it to your pig. He will enjoy carrying it around, digging at it and pushing it around with his nose.If your piggy is a chewer, this is the toy for you. Children’s toy blocks are perfect guinea pig safe toys as they are generally made from non-toxic materials and are bright, colorful, and double as cage decorations when not being used for play. Plus the chew blocks provide a natural rough material for your guinea pig to keep his or her teeth trimmed.Guinea pigs, just like other animals, enjoy fun and stimulation. From running around and simply exploring their environment to burrowing and playing with toys, guinea pigs can find fun and enjoyment in many activities. Make activities available to your furry friends to provide them with a happy, high quality of life.To entertain your cavies while you’re away, get them Hidey Houses to climb and play hide and seek with. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes also make cheap but very entertaining toys for cavies. And although your cavies need exercise, please don’t get them training wheels as these can injure your cavies spine. Cavies get their exercise by playing with you in the living room to do their famous popcorn in a large guinea pig run.