Guinea pigs require exogenous vitamin C

Six record sheets (treatment on one side, weight on the other) are included in the , a handy reference, summarizing much of the information available on this site (). If you're not already recording your guinea pigs' weight, start today!

The information sheet has also been translated into: Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian

Large sheets of corrugated plastic can be purchased online or found locally in signage stores or hobby shops. They for ease of shipping or travel. Some guinea pig rescues will assist you in making a guinea pig cage and may also sell supplies or cage kits including sheets of corrugated plastic. They come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. recommends using a 4mm thick piece of corrugated plastic so it can be cut for the size of your guinea pig cage. The best size board for you needs depends on the shape of your cavy cage so it is best to design and measure your cage in advance. For more details on making your own C&C style cage, check out the information found online at .

Commercial guinea pig pellets contain vitamin C

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