Total cost per guinea pig per month:

Guinea pig prices vary depending on location, store, and the age and breed of the guinea pig. Shorthaired guinea pigs cost $10-$35 at a pet store or a breeder.

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Aspen is the ONLY acceptable wood bedding. It is somewhat less absorbent than paper beddings and does not have paper beddings' odor control. It also tends to be lighter than most paper beddings, so it has a greater tendency to fly about when the guinea pigs run or jump in their cage. Aspen, however, tends to be cheaper than paper bedding. Paper bedding can be mixed with Aspen for cost-savings.

Total cost per guinea pig per month:

How much do Male and Female Guinea Pigs in Bio Research cost in the Philippines? Guinea pigs with short hair (white, black or cream) and those with non-distinct markings cost $10 to $33. Guinea pigs with eye-catching multi-colored patterns in black and white or gold and white cost about $29. Long and curly-haired Peruvian or Himalayan guinea pigs are typically priced at $30 to $35.

Total cost per guinea pig per month:

Guinea pigs can’t make their own vitamin C. So as long as you throw in some kale or carrots for them once or twice a week, they are golden. I find that they can free range themselves like crazy. I DO give them free range to pellets, as my pigs are pregnant and need trace minerals and access to proteins. However, when provided access to a new grassy area in their tractors, and ample hay (much cheaper per pound), they don’t really each much of the pellets (probably 1/8 c a day or less, unless they are heavily pregnant). I also don’t have to worry about obesity, as these guys run around all day, and self regulate what they eat really well. I also supplement with the spent grains from the brewing processes, which further depresses feeding costs, as this is considered a waste product.

How much will a guinea pig cost? And how about the cage?

People can get to know adoptable guinea pigs — the event averages about 200 animals from which to choose — and apply to take them home. There will also be a veggie-eating race for the animals, free grooming, a costume contest, a raffle and a silent auction.Have you tried our fabulous fleece cage liners yet? These are the perfect cost-effective alternative to wood shavings. These warm and cozy fleece blankets are great for rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and all your furry friends...Vartanian said that before anyone adopts a guinea pig, he or she should research potential veterinary costs, minimum cage size, proper nutrition, preventive healthcare, grooming and environment.Before you get a guinea pig as a pet, you probably ought to know how much guinea pigs cost. We examine the start-up costs of obtaining a guinea pig, as well as the recurring monthly upkeep costs.Guinea pig fleece bedding- replace costly shavings with washable fleece, lined with absorbent terry cloth (towel). Also made wee wee pad for "that corner" , with several replacements, and cuddle bed, pillow and blanket. Lots of cute patterns of fleece out there to mix and match.Guinea pigs are great pets, but they are also a financial responsibility. Before you take the step into becoming an owner, then you need to ensure that you are aware of all their needs, before you take the plunge. So, how much do guinea pigs cost?