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towel dries your pet faster * Silky-soft dog bath towel absorbs seven times its weight in water * Essential dog drying towel for convenient at-home bathing and grooming Reduce drying time to keep grooming at home quick and simple. More absorbent than a terrycloth bath towel, Microfiber Towel absorbs…

Softer, loftier terry that is stronger and more absorbent than our regular pet grooming towels.

When your business needs large but affordable grooming bath towels designed to withstand wash after wash, shop at Towel Super Center. Our 24 x 48 bath towels, made from 100 percent cotton, are incredibly thirsty and big enough to handle the toughest jobs. These towels stay fluffy, absorbent and soft, even in the highest-volume businesses. Shop and save at Towel Super Center!

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Towel Cabinet  next to tub. This will hold several grooming towels or water magnets. My cleaning equipment includes nylon brushes, toothbrushes, paper towels, steam cleaner, HV dryer, vacuum, dehumidifier, ultrasonic units, and a long handled brush. I use the nylon brush to get into the grooves of the spray-on lining of my mobile grooming van’s floor and the toothbrush for crevices and corners. I prefer paper towels to cloth as I can throw it away rather than have something else to wash.

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Pamper your beloved dog with a professional towel designed specifically for drying-off dogs. Frank Rowe and Son Inc. has quality made dog grooming towels to that keep freshly washed dogs clean and dry. These dog drying towels are specially made for dogs and help absorb excess water before the inevitable "shake off" to minimize the spray of water.

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athing your dog at home will save you a lot of money on professional grooming expenses, but without the best dog towel it will also lead to a mess in your home. Even the thickest bath towels can't absorb all the water in your dog's coat without getting too soaked and dripping.The towel measures 44” x 27” and is available in seven elegant colors, each with a daintily embroidered paw print or bone design. They’re great for pet drying and easy to clean – just toss it in the washing machine and spin dry, and they’re ready to go for the next grooming.Bone Dry’s microfiber pet towels provide durability, convenience, and versatility. They are made of soft and fast absorbing fabrics to provide warmth and comfort to your dog after baths or daily grooming. They can also be used as pet blankets inside a kennel or crate, or during car rides, or on long trips and outings.The exceptional combination of polyester and polyamides makes an extra soft yet resilient wiping fabric capable of trapping nearly all kinds of dirt. The towel measures 20 inches by 40 inches. Customers say that this remarkable towel dries their dog fast, and it is their favored towel for grooming and bathing their pets.If you’re a health buff, you’ll certainly love these hypoallergenic and chemical-free microfiber pet bath towels from Microfiber Pros. They groom, clean, and dry pets. No harsh chemicals were used in the manufacturing of this product.EQUI-Towel Microfiber Products are highly functional horse and dog grooming tools that perfectly removes even particulate matters without damaging the hair coat by using fine microfibers. As they reduce the volume of chemical cleaning agents and sprays used, they are also environmentally friendly products.