There are many different designs of gravity feeders, all work.

So, to answer the OP's question, if you have the $$ to feed true free-choice, that is the best you can possibly do for your herd's nourishment. Use a free-coice gravity feeder. If free-choice is not in your budget then obviously, timed feeding helps you ration what you can afford. Your deer may not be as big as they might be with free-choice, but they might be bigger than without feed at all. Again, your feeding method is only one aspect of growing big deer.

Aunt Molly's Gravity Deer Feeder, Also Turkey and Hog Feeders, leaf pattern #AuntMollys

After it's constructed, it takes a little bit of work to set up your gravity feeder. In most cases, you'll want to attach it to a tree. Set the bottom of the gravity feeder to about waist level, and then use or ropes to tie it to the trunk of the tree. From there, simply load the top of the PVC pipe with corn or other bait, and then fasten it shut. Deer will likely go through this bait within a week or so, but it should last longer than simply dumping corn on the ground.

Steel Deer Feeder 800lb 6 spout Low bay Gravity Fed.

Going on vacation? Make a simple gravity feeder so your rabbits won't go hungry! I use both I have a 400 lb gravity feeder it averages about 5 weeks between fill ups I have trail cameras on it that shows there is between 15 and 20 deer a day that hit it along with coons crows squirrels and turkeys My automatic feeders hold 200 lbs and I get about 3 weeks out of them set to feed twice a day at 8 seconds each I like gravity feeders when I am feeding something other than corn since a deer can eat their fill and benefit from the feed. Auto feeders they get what the feeder dispenses and the other animals dont eat so they may not get enough protein to do any good

Steel Deer Feeder 800lb 6 spout Low bay Gravity Fed.

Two bucks eating high protein feed from the Double "D" Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder. Three weeks ago they did not have antlers. The second video is one month later. The two bucks are still growing and eating from the Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder.

Gravity Deer Feeder-Plastic 50 Gallon Food Grade Barrel-Leaf Design

Implementing a solid feeding program has never been easier with the Feed Bank 40 gravity-fed deer feeder. Designed to be mounted on just about anything, this gravity feeder hold 40 pounds of feed and features a large overlapping door. Easily move it around your hunting property to focus your feeding efforts wherever needed.The Feed Bank is a gravity-fed deer feeder designed to elevate with a single center post. This eliminates any obstruction for bucks to access the feed unlike standard tripod feeders. This standout design results in the most economical, high-quality deer feeder on the market.Steel Outdoors Magnum Series of gravity deer feeders were designed with the help of numerous deer breeders, farm managers and high fenced operations across the country for the sole purpose of providing nutrition under controlled conditions to a large herd of animals. More volume means less stress on the herd from human encroachment. The deer will prosper and your efforts will soar…. This maintenance FREE hopper system , with 84" gravity feeder legs is A TOP SELLER in our line. With our Patented Protein/Gravity Head you get the most moisture resistant free choice feeding system available on the market today! The Custom Designed gravity head features a 10 degree of angle, and a 1" overhang on the 4" feed ports. Each feed port is 8" long and has a drain hole to disperse any water that enters the tip of the feed port.