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I also bought one of the seagrass mats, am going to wait on giving that to him, but when I do I'm definitely only going to let him have it for a short time as well, just to make sure it's safe. I did some more searching online and found a site where someone mentioned giving them to their rabbits all the time, so it should be fine, just want to take it easy. I also bought some sisal rope to make toys with, however after opening it I believe it to be treated. There was some paler sisal there which probably isn't treated, only reason I didn't buy it at the time was it only came in thicker widths. I'm thinking maybe a craft store would sell plain sisal.

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-- $5.75 -- Now available in this smaller sizeIdeal mat that is perfect for inside cages and other areas for rabbits to rest. These grass mats won't slip or buckle up!Made exclusively for The Busy Bunny®!Measuring 11 x 11 x 0.5 inches (27.94 x 27.94 x 1.27 cm), these mats are double woven for extra thickness. Made . . .

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I remember reading on this or some other rabbitforum earlier this year that the Pier 1 grass mats are now treated andno longer safe for rabbits. Grass/sisal mats are a good idea for solid floored cages, too, to provide traction. Fleece blankets can also be provided. Pieces of carpet or towels also make nice mats, as long as your rabbit is not unravelling and eating them.

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7) BUNNY HOUSING: Your bunny will need a safe enclosure that he can call his own, no matter how much free-range time he has. The minimum cage size we require is 2 x 4 feet, and 4 x 4 feet is better. Puppy exercise pens make wonderful, versatile, and inexpensive enclosures for rabbits. A puppy ex-pen can easily accommodate toys, litter box, grass mats, and food and water bowls. Double- or triple-decker “condos” are also very nice enclosures (though considerably more pricey), and can be ordered from , or you can construct your own condo out of Neat Ideas cubes – ask on Etherbun for ideas about how to do this.

9.25"; L X 7.25"; W X 5.75"; H natural grass is safe to chew