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There’s no need to put up with endless barking. The GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collar gently and immediately conditions your dog to stop barking using a harmless burst of spray. The collar uses a microphone and vibration sensor to pick up your dog’s bark, which triggers a harmless burst of spray. The spray distracts your dog from whatever he's barking at, letting you redirect your dog's attention. This spray collar is safe for all dogs, including puppies.

- 6 volt batteries to be used with Gentle Spray Anti Bark Collar and Spray Commander

Through the GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar, the dog is conditioned to stop its excessant barking through a spray of Citronella at the front of the dog’s snout whenever it barks. The Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Spray collar is a combination of advanced spray technology and modern electronics.

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The Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar system comes with a 3-ounce can of citronella. The  will provide another 300 sprays. Here we look at several citronella collars at different price points. These spray collars provide a very gentle option, especially when compared to shock collars for anti-bark training which can come with risk of high discomfort, or even pain to your dog.

What does the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar package include.

Overall the PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar is the most popular citronella spray bark control collar currently available and is at the top of the list for people wanting to give this gentle, humane and safe method of excessive bark control a go.

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The Gentle Spray Anti-Bark collar uses a citronella spray directed toward the snout to deter barking. Spray collars generally only have results on timid and light barkers. More troublesome barkers and more dominant dogs tend to ignore the spray. While unpleasant, the spray does not deter many dogs – instead they learn to bark through the spray, barking 25 times until the reservoir empties and then they can bark all they want undisturbed by the collar. Results also tend to diminish over time as the dog gets used to the spray.The GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar has a medium sized, block like receiver. The system uses a microphone to detect the dog barking. Unlike the dual sensor systems that require both a sound and a vibration to trigger, the Gentle Spray can be triggered by loud, lower pitched noises. This leads to false alarms from other dogs barking, scratching the receiver, and the receiver bumping on the ground.The Premier GentleSpray Citronella Bark Collar, also sold as the Innotek Anti-Bark Spray Collar KIT11122, is an entry level spray bark collar. To further confuse the situation, the GentleSpray was recently rebranded and used to be called the SpraySense Anti-Bark collar. Load the collar with an aerosol spray and it shoots a cloud of citronella at your dog when they bark. This cloud of citronella (no scent is available as well) is intended to deter the barking behavior. In practice many dogs are not deterred by spray collars, and we find the GentleSpray spraying mechanism particularly prone to malfunction.You don't have endure unwanted barking! Stop it with the PetSafe Gentle Spray Citronella Anti Bark Collar. An inexpensive and effective solution to excessive barking.