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We are aware that a breeding facility located in Georgia was recently forced to recall their product due to a salmonella bacterial outbreak. According to the “Salmonella can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products….Human illnesses that may be related to the frozen reptile feed have been reported in 17 states. The recalled product should not be fed to animals…” As a result, that company must now irradiate their mice and rats in an effort to address the Salmonella issue associated with their products.

What are the advantages of feeding frozen feeder mice and frozen rats over live rodents?

So here was a snake that had eaten fresh rodents for years -- a snake that would always turn its nose up at frozen / thawed rats. But by experimenting with the food delivery technique, and by conditioning the snake to respond a certain way, I was eventually able to switch it over to thawed rats. Life is much easier now. My point is this. Frozen rats are a major convenience for you, and they are safer for your snake than live rats. So do whatever you can to get the animal "hooked" on frozen / thawed rodents as early as possible.

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The snakes should not go hungry. The burglar also stole $1,500 in frozen rats.
Remove the number of rats you need from the bag of prey. You can place them in a clean plastic bag and soak in warm water, or leave in the refrigerator overnight to defrost, warming up in warm water.

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I let him settle in, and he's had two relatively successful feedings on small/medium live rats. However, I desperately want to switch him to frozen/thawed for my own convenience and for his safety.

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Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin unveiled a new trove of data Wednesday showing what the city spends on thousands of purchases, from helicopters and basketballs to frozen rats.Perfect Prey is a leading supplier of frozen feeder rats, which are ideal for reptile breeders and pet snake owners. Frozen rodents are also ideal for raptors (birds of prey) as they eat rats and mice in the wild.The data also show that the city spent more than $55,000 on basketballs and more than $125,000 on frozen rats, which are used to feed snakes at the L.A. Zoo.All our rats are flash frozen and then vacuum-packed to guarantee freshness, eliminate freezer burn, increase freezer life, and ensure they pack flat for easy storage.