OLAF!!! How To Make The Last-Minute "Frozen" Costume Of Your Dreams

Frozen Olaf Costume Halloween 2014
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How to DIY/make Disney's Frozen Olaf Snowman baseball hat and t-shirt costume (high res file)

Straight from the popular Disney film Frozen, this Frozen Olaf Baby Boys Costume adorably commemorates one of the musical's most colorful characters -- Olaf the Snowman! Magically brought to life by Princess Elsa and her powers of cryomancy, Olaf's dream is to experience Summer in all of it's melting glory. Only problem is, he is made of snow! A memorable figure for comic relief, Olaf has become symbolic of the bond shared between Elsa and her younger sister, Anna. Dress your little one up as his favorite comical Snowman in this wonderful Olaf Costume for Babies and Boys!

Frozen Olaf Deluxe Adult Costume

Dress up as your favorite character from Frozen in this fun Olaf costume. That concludes the complete Olaf costume guide. So, what are you waiting for? Grab any of the outfits from above and be ready to grab the attention of everyone. They would definitely be enthralled to see you in such a cute apparel. The suits are not only but also for when you want to give your young ones a happy surprise. If you have any suggestions or comments don’t forget to leave them below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends who also want to be exactly like the snowman.

Frozen Olaf Costume. Newborn Gown. Snowman by StitchingGladness

I’m betting that Halloween costumes will be super popular on trick or treat night. And just as I thought, my daughter wanted to be Olaf, her favorite Frozen character.

Frozen Olaf Deluxe Adult Costume Black X-Large

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing ................Olaf and Marshmallow the endearing snowmen from Frozen!My latest costume inspiration came from the popular Frozen movie. I wanted to make a costume that ...10.31.14 #diy #olaf #halloween #costume / I used a rubbery foam board for the face/teeth, felt for eyebrows/eyes/nose and pipe cleaners(fuzzy wire) for the branches sticking out of his head. And for the body, I wore a white sweatshirt with black felt circles on for the coal buttons. #frozen #maskWith this Olaf headpiece, your own t-shirt and 1, 2, 3 black felt buttons, your costume is complete! Frozen Halloween costumes are popular and fun, and this one is so simple...that is the cold hard truth! Check out this website for our selection of Frozen costumes and accessories.
• Olaf headpiece
• 3 felt buttons

Special Shipping Information: This item ships separately from other items in your order. Imported.This Frozen Olaf dressing up costume for toddlers can be worn to Disney parties, Frozen parties, fairy-tale parties and all types of dressing up parties. This is an officially licensed Disney product.