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Frontline was one of the first spot-ons available. It is extremely safe for both cats and dogs. One canine patient who ate a package of Frontline did not suffer any toxicity problems, but experienced more problems from the plastic applicators he ingested at the same time. Frontline works well, but unfortunately has is no repelling action against the fleas and ticks. The fleas and ticks must bite the dog or cat before suffering the ill effects of the Frontline. It certainly can be unnerving to find a tick attached to your dog, but be assured that if your pet is protected by Frontline, the tick should die well before it can infect your pet with Lyme or Anaplasmosis.

latest innovation in flea and tick protection from the maker of FRONTLINE Plus.

Veterinarians have increasingly become aware of the importance of helping pet owners protect their pets against flea infestations. Now, with the introduction of FRONTLINE Plus, veterinarians have the ability to proactively control adult and developing fleas from attacking the pet, while also providing the added assurance of protection against ticks.

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fleas and no ticks, Frontline may be applied every 2-3 months for flea protection. Frontline Plus, like Advantage II, is a reformulated version of an older product. The original Frontline killed adult fleas, as well as lice and ticks. The new version, Frontline Plus, also contains an IGR to kill fleas at every stage of their life cycle. It continues to protect against ticks and chewing lice as well, something that Advantage II can't do. comes in a single formulation. , like Advantage II for Dogs, comes in four dosage versions for dogs of different sizes.

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With a name like K9 Advantix it's obvious that this product is only to be used on dogs, never apply this product to cats. K9 Advantix is also made by the Bayer Corporation and contains both imidacloprid and permethrin. K9 Advantix kills and repels mosquitoes and ticks and stops fleas from biting in 5 minutes and kills fleas within one hour.This product is a once a month topical that can be used on dogs and puppies as young as 7 weeks.Frontline Plus:Frontline is manufactured by Merial. The active ingredient is (S)-methoprene. Frontiline Plus is quick acting and long lasting, it will kill fleas within 18 hours and ticks within 48 hours and last for one month.This product kills adult fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs as well as the brown dog tick, lone star tick, deer tick, and American dog tick. Frontline Plus can be used on dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks and on pregnant and nursing mothers. This product also boasts to be waterproof.Frontline Spray:Frontline Spray quickly eliminates fleas and ticks, it kills all the fleas on the pet within 24 hours of application. Like the name implies it is a spray that is applied to the coat of the pet and continues to work for one month.Frontline Spray can be used on dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks and is waterproof. I recommend this product a lot to multi-pet households who might not be able to afford a top spot flea treatment to every pet or households with barn cats.Revolution:Revolution is manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health. The active ingredient is selamectin. This is a once a month treatment that is applied between the shoulder blades. Revolution works to protect dogs against heartworms, fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and the American dog tick. Revolution works to protect cats against heartworms, fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms. Revolution can be used on dogs and cats as young as 6 weeks of age.It is important when treating pets to follow label instructions.Never apply a product labeled for a dog on a cat and vice versa. Also, avoid those products you can purchase at department or grocery stores, We can promise you they don't work. Another bad thing about these products is some of them use an ingredient that can be harmful to cats (cause seizures and death). Stick with products you get through us. The great thing about the products we've outlined above is they are available through us and if you are not happy with them have a manufactures guarantee.

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