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I purchased a collar for each of my dogs. One is a Lab and the other a Maltese. The Lab has worn his for about 2 months and I have had to remove 2 tricks this spring (we live in Ohio). He has never had ticks prior to just using the collar. After the second tick I removed the collar and applied the FrontLine like I had used for years without a ever finding a tick. The Maltese has not had a issue with fleas or ticks using the collar so far but I did use a organic flea and tick solution on him after finding the ticks on the Lab. I am not sure why this collar has not done well but I doubt I will ever spend the money on another one.

Flea collar whenever you take your dog someplace you think isn't safe. You can certainly combine a powder collar with a Frontline Plus.

Hey Coleen! Revolution is a good product but as you mentioned, it is rather expensive. Unfortunately, most of the decent spot on treatments that actually work are a bit pricy but if I had to make a choice, I recommend the use of either Frontline or Advantage. Alternatively, I recommend giving a few of the natural DIY methods that I outline on this blog for getting rid of the fleas as they are very effective and have worked for hundreds of my readers. Good luck!

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Dog Flea & Tick Control. Dog Supplies. Pet Supplies. Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Small Dogs, 1 Ct · Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Small Dog Treatment, 6 Ct. Frontline and the Seresto collar don't make the top of my list because of the chemicals they contain and the health risks they pose to dogs. So, which product did I choose as the best flea and tick treatment for dogs? Let's find out!

FRONTLINE® Plus 5-22 Lb Dog Flea & Tick Treatment.

Hi Deborah,It sounds like your vet gave your cats Capstar to kill existing fleas on pets. Once all of the fleas are dead, you’ll need a monthly preventative flea medication for your cats. You can use flea collars, pills, or topical treatments like Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution. Some of these will also work on other parasites like heartworm and ticks.You should talk to your vet about the best option for your cats. The best option depends on whether they’re indoor or outdoor cats, if they’re good about taking pills, other medications they’re taking, etc. Thanks for reading!

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The main advantage to a topical cream like Frontline is that it provides a great deal of ease for both you and your dog. A flea collar is that it may cause your pooch a little bit of discomfort, and it may be tricky to get your dog to ingest an oral medication. With Frontline, you just apply it and you’re good to go.I think I would avoid a flea collar at that age. Many years ago I lost one of my little guys because he managed to get the flea collar in his mouth and died. Frontline can be used on dogs 8 weeks and older. Have you taken him to the vet for his puppy shots and an examination? Your vet can recommend what is the most safe for him. Along with getting the biting little bugger off your pup, you need to attend to getting rid of the fleas in your home and yard too. Enjoy your new family member!!