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We are very fortunate to have a house big enough to give bun his own room when we are not home to have him run free in the whole house. We also like to give the cats time to socialize with us as well, so everyone needs to take turns having quiet times in their rooms " 🙂 That being said, We started out with a cage in the living room because we couldn't give him his own room for awhile, and his cage was clearly his safe haven. Then and now, he runs for the cage whenever he is spooked or when he's trying to tell us he's not in the mood to be picked. He also lets us know he's ready for bed when he hops into his cage because that's where he gets his water check and fresh treats. He knows his routine, and I think it's good to have a safe haven for buns instead of ONLY a wide open space without a cage. That being said, I hate to think of buns trapped in cages all the time — ours is only closed when to leave it open would result in danger, such as when dogs come to visit or we are transporting to a vacation house. Making a cage a cozy spot rather than a clinical wire holder makes a big difference. I also hate to think that some people won't welcome buns into their home and give love and care but leave them to waste away in a shelter just because we are driving them off talking about cages. Let people come to see the joys that a free range bun can provide…snuggles, binkies, kisses, and nose bops….and that rabbit will be out more often than they anticipated.

Fancy Indoor Rabbit Cages | ... chicks! Use as a pet cage for birds and other animals! Free plans

All of my rabbits like their cages. When I bring them out to play, they will play for a little while but then go back into their cages where they feel most comfortable. I do not want to have the rabbits running freely through our house for their safety, as well as to keep them from damaging the house. I already have several holes and many urine stains on the carpet in the hallway where I allow them to play, plus several baseboards/doorframes were chewed up when I had guinea pigs. I prefer to restrict their access to the rest of the house to minimize damage. There are also a lot of electrical wires that are a danger to the rabbits. Another problem is that I have 6 rabbits (3 bonded pairs) and they can't roam freely due to the need to be separated.

One solution to reduce this expense is to find a used rabbit cage

Fancy Indoor Rabbit Cages | ... chicks! Use as a pet cage for birds and other animals! Free plans A rabbit needs two or three hours a day of run time, sometimes more depending on the breed and energy level. We use large cages or x-pens to house rabbits inside the house. Some rabbits can be allowed to free roam a house, like a dog or cat would, if you bunny-proof extensively. All areas that rabbits run must be bunny-proofed.

You may even be able to take the cage off their hands for free

The following links will take your to free plans for rabbit cages, hutches and various other rabbit housing alternatives which you can build yourself or have someone build for you.

Building a Rabbit Hutch - Crossroads Rabbitry

With our free rabbit cage plans, you can build this very large, 36" x 30", homemade all-wire cage. Hang this cage on a PVC rabbit hutch frame either inside the house or outdoors in the barn. Ideal DIY rabbit cages will help you alter the dimensions, if you need a different size. We've enhanced these instructions and included many more illustrations of the wire cage-building process in all 3 of our rabbit housing e-books.
Why am I going on so much about cages when we're talking about free-range bunnies? Because free range is not a substitute for no cage. Your rabbit will still need a well sheltered home, even if you let her out in the morning and don't put her away at night, or even if you make the decidedly more risky decision of letting your bunny roam your section 24/7.