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Hey there ppl, ive got a few baby hamsters up for grabs…free becoz i really got too many at home feel free to email me if any of you is interested…God bless..=p

We have 7 baby hamsters free to good homes as pets or whatever. there are 4 females and 3 males...

If you can't get the pet shop to take them from you then you can run a simple ad in your local newspaper or on Craig's List. Keep it simple. Free Baby Hamsters to Responsible Homes. These guys are really cute but they need a home quickly. If your interested call and give your phone number. It will be much easier to give them away quickly than it will be to sell them. You can try to sell them if you wish.

Free Baby Hamsters to Responsible Homes

Free baby dwarf hamsters - posted in Animal House: They are very sweet and handleable Below is a hamster care sheet if you need one. Feel free to print it off and give it away with the hamsters you sell or give away. You want the person who gets your baby hamster to know exactly what to do with the baby hamster they receive from you.

BABY Teddy bear HAMSTERS in Dallas TX - Free Dallas SuperAds

At the yard sale that weekend, we put up a sign offering "FREE BABY HAMSTERS. FREE!" and got one offer. Since then, Posh has been running one of the world's most sophisticated hamster-human dating services, trying to match up the baby hamsters with potential homes.

Fabric Baby Fabric Pink Hamster 78" Wide Sold BTY Free Shipping.