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This container is the ideal solution for storing food in an airtight space. I can’t stress how many times I have packed lunch for our oldest in standard tupperware, only to find out his food had leaked into his lunch bag. I don’t mind cleaning up a mess, but a toddler’s lunch experience in school comes with enough interruptions as it is, so any other ways to reduce it helps. Stainless steel means I can wash in the dishwasher. The container comes apart and can be washed quickly by hand, but putting them on the top rack of our dishwasher is usually my backup plan for nights when I am just too tired. I like that I have that option. Another feature that I favour is the fact that there’s a BPA free protective sleeve over the stainless steel. Sometimes I put hot or cold food in plastic containers, and either myself or the children feel the temperature all the way through. With the protective sleeve, you can transport the food without worry.

Steelware Leak-proof Stainless Steel Food Storage And Lunch Containers (Set Of

When you're replacing plastic food storage containers with metal, be sure you make a safe switch by choosing food grade stainless steel - should be labeled 18/8 and #304 - and not lined (often with BPA or other bisphenols) or actually made of aluminum.

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10 Pcs Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers Mixing Bowl Set W/ Air Tight Lids Designed of durable, BPA-Free, restaurant-grade stainless steel not only are the AirScape kitchen canisters non-toxic and nearly impossible to break, but they are also stain and odor resistant thus they won’t impart flavors. In other words, they can be used for coffee storage one day, brown sugar the next and your brown sugar won’t taste like coffee. This characteristic makes them the absolute perfect container for food storage. Fresh just tastes BETTER, so do more than just simply “store” food and ingredients – preserve them with the AirScape food storage kitchen canisters.

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Most food storage canisters are “Airtight”, which means they lock air in with the contents. The AIRSCAPE forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods, to keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too! Designed of durable, BPA-Free, restaurant-grade stainless steel, the AIRSCAPE canister body resists staining and odor retention. The clear, top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container and the inner AIRSCAPE lid makes a fun “swooshing” noise as its pushed down, so you can actually hear it working. AVAILABLE IN: 32 fl. oz.: 4-3/4 in. Base, 4 in. High (holds 1/2 lb. whole bean coffee); 64 fl. oz.: 4-3/4 in. Base, 7 in. High (holds 1 lb. of whole bean coffee).

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