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Integrated Composite Products Food Pallet. Illustration: Karl Reque

These are mostly used by retailer where they will sit out on the floor remaining an integral part of a product display and for pharmaceutical and food manufacture’s and suppliers where the cleanest recycled pallet available is required.

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Wood pallets used to transport food can possibly harbor pathogens such as  and . Stratis is the industry’s largest manufacturer of solid wall and steel reinforced plastic pallets, providing material handling solutions in both standard and custom pallet designs for a variety of markets, such as printing, pharmaceutical, machine tools, packaging, food, and chemical. Stratis pallets are uniquely designed to meet specific application requirements, while optimizing the durability and long term performance of every pallet we produce.

As a result, Stratis pallets deliver a substantially longer useful life and improved functionality in comparison to plastic pallets built from other processes. View our complete line of , or about your special application requirements.

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Our newest product is called the Berry Pallet and you can download the brochure by clicking the link below. Be sure to read about the importance of Stratis Pallets in the food and pharmaceutical business worldwide
on this page first.

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Thank you for asking. Certainly if your customers are using the pallets to transport, hold or store food they should be fully aware of the impact of the FSMA. If all of the food is fully sealed in packaging, not much would changed. The FDA has always wanted pallets in good repair, easy to clean and not to pose a hazard in themselves. If they are using pallets to transport food that is not fully packaged (such as fresh produce, for example) the pallets should also be able to be sanitized, and should be between uses. Larger companies are hiring FSMA officers to assure full compliance with the act. As all situations and uses are unique, we always suggest checking in with the FDA to get a final determination on any question that seems difficult to assess. A response from them in writing and on file can go a long way if a question is ever raised further down the road. Thanks again

Hartson $450 provides one pallet to feed 20 hungry children for an entire year
$900 provides two pallets of lifesaving food for 40 hungry children every day for a year
$2,250 fills an entire cargo truck full of food for 100 hungry children