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KFC really wants customers to eat in their cars. So much so that the chain has developed new take-out packaging that conveniently fits into a car's cup holder, according to . The innovation is called KFC Go Cups and the chain claims that with the new containers they have "officially upgraded snacking." Apparently KFC did their research and found that "42% of Americans would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container could fit in their cup holder. And even more so for Millennials — 53% of car owners ages 18-32 would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container could fit in their cup holder."

Oct 8, 2013 - Your car's cup holder is simply not a suitable place for food

There are few features in a car as versatile as the lowly cup holder. Think about everything you've put in yours over the years and name another part of your car that has performed so many functions. And yet, just last month, a Harris poll conducted for Ford revealed that nearly a fifth of all drivers use cup holders for food, and over a quarter use them for... well... quarters. If you're one of these drivers not using your cup holders to their full potential, get creative and try these hacks.

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Car Food Snack Tray Drink Bottle Cup Holder Mount Stand Storage Organizer New FOR SALE • $3.88 • See Photos Please Note: To reduce splashing while using the bowl in your vehicle, we recommend filling the To Go Bowl with a maximum of 16-18 ounces (500-600 ml) of water. The To Go Bowl will hold up to 32 ounces (one liter) if you are using it as a regular bowl on the floor or ground. For best results, your car's cup holder should be between 3 to 4 inches wide and at least 2 inches deep.Specifications: Fully assembled, the To Go Bowl measures 7 1/16" high, 7 3/16" long and 5 7/16" wide; The bowl with splashguard measures 4" high by 7 3/16" long by 5 7/16" wide; The base is 3" by 3" and when not in use, it fits neatly inside the bowl. The To Go Bowl is made up of six separate pieces. All pieces are made of durable FDA-approved polypropylene and are dishwasher-safe: Bowl lid (fits over splash guard), Splash-guard, Bowl, Base (easily fits in cup holder, can store food or treats), Flexible sleeve (so bowl and base fit snugly in cup holders), Cup lid (to keep food fresh when not attached to the bowl).Video: Watch the To Go Bowl in action, click the play button below: " />

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Travelling will be fun with Speedwav Car Portable Laptop Food Tray Table with Cup Holder with this product you can not only work on your laptop while traveling but you can also enjoy your meals on the go with ease.
A must have product for Business travelers
Features :
-Multi-Functional Car Seat Table can be mounted to steering wheel, assistant seat and seat back.
-It can be used as desk providing convenient place for laptop, grocery food, drink, etc.
-Does not occupy space when not in use. Simply return to the upright position against the seat back.
-Easy installation and angle adjustable.
This Portable Car Table will fits most steering wheels or car seats.
It is a handy tool to provide desktop space in the car for you and your family.
Made of durable plastic material
Note: The product color may vary as per product availability
Do not mount on steering wheel while driving.
The tray should be mounted in the horizontal position.
The max. load of the tray is 10kg.
Make sure the knob is tight after installation.
Package Included:
1 x Speedwav Car Portable Laptop Food Tray Table with Cup Holder

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