5 foods to eat for beautiful, shiny hair

Is there any kitchen foods that would work well in curly hair? Mine is super thick and curly, but I find that certain things (coffee grounds was one I saw on a different blog) and baking soda are a huge pain in the butt for me because of my hair type. I do, however rinse with day-old coffee. My hair smells amazing and is super shiny. 🙂

You are what you eat — and that goes for your hair too. Add these foods for healthy hair to your diet for shiny curls, coils, or kinks!

What you eat can make a difference. Incorporating proteins and complex carbohydrates into your everyday diet can help strengthen your strands. Add these foods to your diet for healthy, shiny hair.

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Which foods get your tresses in top shape? Read on for five powerful ways to eat your way to shiny, healthy hair. in the health industry, with many experts dubbing them a superfood. Chock full of protein, potassium, calcium, fiber, zinc and other essential nutrients, chia seeds have numerous health benefits — including helping you develop lustrous skin and nails. "Similar to fatty fish, chia seeds are a (plant-based) source of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient for healthy, shiny hair," says Kleiner.

For an easy way to get more chia in your life, Kleiner suggests adding them to smoothies and oatmeal.

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Now that we know what foods to load up on, are there any that could be sabotaging our healthy hair goals?

"There aren't specific foods that may damage hair directly," HUM nutritionist Caspero told me. "But having a diet that's unbalanced in essential nutrients won't help with trying to achieve beautiful hair. As most of these nutrients are typically found in nutrient-dense foods (vegetables, fruits, lean protein), a diet that's heavy in processed foods may not see the same results." Therefore, she recommends increasing fruit and vegetable intake to 4-5 times per day, and adding in more nutrient-rich foods, for ultimate results.

Supplements are another great way to ensure nutrition, says Caspero. "It can be difficult to get in the recommended nutrients per day to assist with healthy, strong, shiny hair. For my clients with these beauty goals, I often recommend a supplement to help cover their needs. My current favorite is , a vegan gummy that's packed with biotin, zinc, PABA (helps maintain hair color), folic acid (supports cell growth) and fo-ti (a root used in Chinese medicine for healthy hair). It contains all of the recommended nutrients for healthy hair and is simple to enjoy in gummy form."

Wellness guru Williams is also a fan of supplements, saying, "Multivitamins are a great way to cover the necessary vitamins you might be missing. My favorites are line as they are plant-based, Non-GMO, organic and both gluten and soy free."

When you can eat your way to healthy locks from the inside out, who needs a whole arsenal of hair products?

Mar 5, 2015 - 10 Beauty Foods For Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair