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Neutralize and restore your hair to its natural pH with our Neutra Foam® Shampoo. This shampoo can be used to neutralize the effects of any chemical texturizer or relaxer. This unique formula also deep cleanses, detangles and conditions hair after chemical processing. Enjoy the fragrance of white tea and ginger in both the Shampoo and the companion Neutra Foam® Conditioner to insure you remove all of the chemical from your hair and avoid the damaging effects of over processing.

Learn How to Make Foaming Shampoo and your kiddos bath time will never be the same!

A: Curvaceous High Foam Shampoo is a lightweight cleanser that is ideal for fine or wavy hair. Curvaceous Low Foam Shampoo is a creamy, moisturizing formula that provides more moisture and nourishment, usually recommended for tighter curls and thicker, dry hair. Both are safe for color treated hair. Because your hair is fine, I lean towards the high-foam formula, but you can use either one.

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Here’s a great one for your little kiddos… How to Make Foaming Tear-Free Shampoo! I found this shampoo worked well. It took the stringing hair factor away. I like that the foam isn't as heavy on the hair as the tresemmes other dry shampoos. All of tresemmes other dry shampoos made me feel even dirtier and ended up making my hair even more oily. This not only fixed my oily hair problem but there was little to no residue left in my hair. A tip for other users is to rub the product out with a towel, some people said they blow dried it, which is not the correct way of using it.

Did you find the diy shampoo foams up as much as the kirby brand?

I’ve never got to try Drybar, living in the middle of no mans land Ohio is a real treat! haha But I just saw Ulta got their new products in and I am so excited to try it. I have tried just about every single dry shampoo ever and I am never super impressed, I love the idea of the foam!

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So we've all heard of dry shampoo, but have you heard of dry shampoo FOAM? Ouai's Jen Atkin explains what the waterless cleansing foam does in this Q&A.

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Let’s start with the more common of those uses. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical you’ll probably spot in the ingredients list of your shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste or bubble bath; you might also spot sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which is commonly used as an alternative, and which has very similar properties. These compounds are the reason your shampoo (or other toiletry of choice) foams, due to their chemical characteristics.The chalky residue that some dry shampoos leave behind is barely preferable to the oil they sop up. But this weightless foam melts right in, invisibly removing dirt and odor. "This is a really simple but smart product," says cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. "It's essentially a very diluted shampoo that is able to clean away oil and dirt without the need to add water. For women with curly hair who don't use powdered dry shampoos because they require brushing, this could be especially useful."Now dry shampoo foam isn’t new. We’ve seen it around before, and we have our , but they weren’t crafted by Atkin which makes this one seem extra special.