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The Sky Dancer Flying Doll just sounds like a bad idea from the get go. The idea was to insert your doll into a launcher feet first, pull a cord and launch the flying doll into the sky. Sadly, the flying doll flew into children’s eyes and teeth. Galoob Toys received 150 injury reports including temporary blindness, concussion, broken ribs, broken and face lacerations.

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THERE ARE A THOUsand points at which a toy company can pull the plug on a product in which it has lost faith. One is early viability testing, which Sky Dancer had passed with flying colors, even if the flying-color prototype wobbled. If there is one Rubicon in the process, however, it is the day of cutting steel.

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NEW Solar Powered FLYING UNICORN Rainbow Princess Castle TOY Dancing Flower GIFT #Greenbrier These popular mid-’90s flying toys were recalled after just six years on the market following reports of over 100 injuries. That’s about 9 million Sky Dancers recalled!

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The sky is your canvas with the WLToys Max Sky Dancer 4CH 2.4GHz Electric RC Helicopter! This RC Helicopter is a great all around flyer and is built to show off. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from an advanced RC Helicopter such as: 3D controls making it easy to fly and a rock solid 4CH 2.4 GHZ transmitter. It is great for beginner and pro pilots who want a RC helicopter with a classic design. It can go forward, backward, up, down, left, right, hover and pull off full 360 degree turns. This product is RTF (Ready to Fly), there is no assembly required. All you need to do is charge the LiPo battery and get 4 AA batteries for the transmitter and you are good to go. Be a true aerial artist with the WLToys Max Sky Dancer 4CH 2.4GHz Electric RC Helicopter!

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Sky Dancers (and their less flouncy counterpart, Dragon Flyz) were first released in 1994 by Galoob. Kids are pretty much always fascinatedby toys that can fly, so of course they were a big hit — figuratively literally. Raise your hand if you managedto release a plastic fairy or dragonfly monster right into your face with apoorly-timed ripcord pull!
"You know," Rivers says dubiously to the kids, "some people say that flying toys are only for boys. Is that true?" The response is immediate: "No!" The notion that anything could be "only for boys" is summarily rejected. Then Rivers's tone changes. She has the girls close their eyes and then reads a brief set piece from her clipboard: "I'd like to welcome you to the enchanted world of Sky Dancers! Each beautiful Sky Dancer unfolds her elegant wings and flies with the wind. . . ." She goes on to evoke ocean waves and shimmering moons -- cue words to let the Sky Dancer whammy take effect.