11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Booth 621 (Flying Cage)

The Fly Cage was designed to be easy to set-up, in most cases less than two minutes, and immediately attract, catch and kill Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Yellow Flies and Green Heads. The Fly Cage does not use any chemicals and is safe for any environment.

awesome knockout Anthony Pettis Flying Kick Off the Cage On Ben Henderson!

Dick is referring to the Flying Cages, or Cages, that until the park’s Handstamp Building was constructed in 1986. A rider was challenged to shift his or her weight back and forth inside the cage, while standing, in an attempt to make the cage go ‘over the top.’ You can find one of the original Cages in the , and during its , when a Cage reemerges as a decoration.

Though riders will not be tasked with propelling the new ride (we're not kidding when we say Cages were a challenge), the ‘over the top’ motion will be part of the rider experience, as will the fact that riders will be standing. The ride will have a Cages-like theme at Knoebels, and will move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Stampede Flying Cage | OPEN TO ALL

Taming a quetzal with a flying cage.Note: You must have a quetzal to start with. I love this cage and my little flyer loves it too! It is reasonably priced and very large. It has storage space on the bottom and the entire thing is on wheels. The only down side is that it doesn't come with instructions and some of the bolts don't fit very well. I am pretty good at putting things together and it was still a tad bit challenging for me. Totally worth the money when you can get it on sale!

12 – 12:30 p.m. | Booth 621 (Flying Cage)

I remember riding these flying cages many times back in I believe the sixties at Edgewater Amusement park in Detroit. Never saw anyone get hurt. We would ride them for hours. Back then It was pay one price, ride all day and all night. This was the greatest ride ever! No power required, just our own coordinated strength of pushing and pulling and jumping from one side of cage to the other. What a blast it was!!

Stampede Flying Cage | OPEN TO ALL

The newest and biggest addition to the Wild Bunch Refuge facility is a flight cage for Raptors and other big birds. It is a 60' x 60' octagonal building that is arranged so that the interior is a 100' continuous circular flyway. The flyway is 12' wide and 18' high. There is a double door entrance into the flyway. Four large holding cages in the interior of the circle provide ample space for birds that are under observation and/or awaiting their turn in the flyway. A doored hallway opening from the flyway between the two pens on the left and the two on the right enables easy access for feeding and moving the birds. Skylights and open slatted portions in the roof allow more light and air into the interior.The performer comes forward with a square cage in his hand, containing a live bird. Standing close in front of the audience, he suddenly makes a movement as of throwing the cage upwards, when that article disappears, bird and all. The secret lies in the fact that, whilst the framework of the cage is actually of wood or metal, and the wires of real wire, the whole is jointed together at the corners with elastic, and the wires looped or hinged where affixed to the framework, so that the whole may be shut up, cornerwise, longitudinally, and made to disappear up the coat sleeve. The sleeve must be pretty large for this purpose, and the shirt cuff must offer no obstruction; in fact, a cuffless shirt should be worn. At one corner of the cage is affixed a strong black cord, which passes up the sleeve, round the back, and down the other sleeve, where it is tied to the wrist. The length must be such that the performer is just able to hold the cage, and have the cord tight. The bird is inserted through the wires. When the performer desires to cause the cage to disappear, he shuts up the cage obliquely, and, by simultaneously stretching out his arms, it is made to fly up his sleeve. So instantaneously is this accomplished, that even those acquainted with the means by which the disappearance is arrived at cannot actually see the cage go, although the performer faces the company during the entire execution of the trick. It is advisable to purchase a cage ready made, in preference to constructing it oneself. A black frame is preferable to a brightly-burnished brass one.