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I tend to err on the side of No Flexis because way too many people use them when a good positive training class would give them tools to use with their dogs. It's kind of the lazy way to walk your dog.

The only time I've seen those used correctly on a consistent level is when I was showing dog regularly and people were using them for potty time.

What irritates me the most about Flexis is 99% of the people using them. They are not watching what's all around them. I don't have 20/20 vision so using a Flexi in public is asking for trouble for me and the dog. I know the argument that using any retractable leash gives the dog more freedom. Why? A six foot leash or even a 10' long line is plenty of "freedom" for the dog while walking. Anything more than that, and I think it's asking for trouble.

I've used Flexis in the past but only in certain circumstances that didn't involve meeting and greeting or walking the dog. If I have a sick dog, or someone I need to keep on eye on in my fenced-in backyard, I'll use them. I rarely use them, there's no need.

However, I have seen those same injuries with people using synthetic web leashes. I have injured myself with web leashes! I have even injured myself with cotton long lines. Leather is the way to go! A good 3/4" wide leash is prefect for most folks' hands to grasp easily. I have leather leashes that are 20 years old and still in good shape!

For regular walking and hiking, a 6 foot leather leash is the way to go. And let's not forget: training the dog to stay close and come when called.

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How unbelievably rude an arrogant! I'm going to tell you I, and many other people DO use them correctly, and without these idiot problems people are ranting about here, and anyone do what you just said you'd do above, is unacceptable in any situation working with others and their dogs! I've used Flexis over 20 yrs, many dogs, large strong willed dogs, have trained, shown, handled professionally, and taught basic obedience 20-30 yrs ago. I am older and disabled and not strong any more, but still use them, have NEVER seen any such injuries as presented here. My present dogs range from 40-105 lbs, and they are well under control on Flexis. Of course idiots can hurt themselves with anything and anyone stupid enough to let a dog roam out into a street on a too long leash is going to do it retractable or not. Every so called problem anyone has mentioned here is not due to the Flexi, but to the person's own error, carelessness, ignorance of rude behavior not controlling their dog. You don't have to use them, but you dmd don't have the right to tell someone they must trash theirs and promise YOU not to use one again!

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