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The Finnex PX-360 has a self priming mechanism built underneath the canister hood. If the seals are not properly secure, you will get the situation you are describing often and may see some leaking from the canister at some point. Air is being built up within and the priming mechanism is releasing that trapped air once it gets to a certain point to avoid stopping the canister water flow.

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Not only that, like , Finnex PX-360 come with filtration media such activated carbon floss pad, sponge, and ceramic rings. Also completed accessories include durable water intake strainer, spray bar, filter hanger and some supporting pipe.

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Finnex PX-360; Something that you need to know that maybe people face some problems in their aquarium, such as unideal salt water in their aquarium. The unideal salt water there is one of the serious problems because it will cause the unhealthy condition for your coral, plants and fish inside your aquarium. By using this Finnex PX 360, you will not face any problem again. This filter will be effective to control the level of your salt water, and it will automatically set the ideal level of it. Of course, by the excellent filtration, you will have fresher water inside the aquarium, which is good for your environment there.

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Then, what make this little canister unique and can be the great choice for your small aquarium? Is the use of the high-quality material there. We all know that the kind of the material will influence the lifespan of the product, including the filtration. Here, as the necessary material, Finnex px-360 uses the high-quality ABS material on canister body construction. It is one of the great materials, which will increase the strength of the filter. It will make the filter is high in performance and appearance.

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A number of Finnex PX-360 owners on this forum, myself included, report that the filter 'spits' out air on periodic basis. We would appreciate your insight on what might cause such behavior and any recommendations for the remedy.The Finnex PX-360 has become one of our top selling units and in nano canister filter market. I'd like to thank fellow users for making it such. For those of you still on the edge, from now until the end of February 2012, orders placed via our website and who include in the message box "Finnex Me!", I'll have the shipping department throw in a free box (2pcs) of PX-360 cartridges free.1 box of the FC-07 contains 2 Power Filter Cartridges which fit the Finnex PX-360 Power Filter Canister plus additional synonymous canister filters. Cartridges are prepared with carbon.Based on my review above, we all know that the great Finnex PX-360 is one of the best small canister filter to choose. It is powerful by the combination of the good performance and completed accessories. Just try finding it in the market and then apply it in your small aquarium!