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Thanks for the post! I've had my ferret 3 years and was re-assessing whether this is a still a good food for him after seeing a few scary reviews on Amazon. My guess is that ferrets' digestion are different - like humans. My ferret does well on Zupreem-no corn, so I guess I'll keep giving it to him.

that I recommend, based on researching lots of different foods, and after reading many reviews.

I ordered ferret food & waited 14 days. When I called they had not shipped it as of yet but they had gotten paid. I was out of ferret food & requested for them to ship next day air & they refused. I canceled the order & asked them for a full refund. Their mistake but they didn't want to correct it. I'll buy my products elsewhere!!! Also the last bag of ferret food gave my ferret the runs badly. I was going to try another bag or switch over to another food choice but they made that choice for me. Stay away from this company. They're going down rapidly. Read the reviews.

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Comparaboo the best Ferret Foods of 2017, based on analayzed 14090 consumer reviews by Comparaboo Hi Sandra, thanks for this review about Zupreem ferret food products. It really is helpful that you have taken the time to compare these Zupreem products against each other! Thanks, Sean

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The sources of protein and fat are the most important considerations in selecting a quality ferret food. The ferret owner should review the ingredient panel of the food very carefully to determine if it contains the best ingredients which will supply the key nutrients.

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