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A demonstration of filter flow in planted tanks for the Eheim Classic 250/2213 and 350/2215 filters.
Both filters are about 18 months old with sponges, filter wool and ceramic rings media.

The 2213 is the smallest of Eheim's line of

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I have Lee's 1/2 Unlike my first 2213, my new one came with a media basket that basically fills the entire filter well. My old 2213, and as far as I know, all of the larger classic Eheim series do not come with a media basket.

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The media basket is mostly crap, IMO. I could not get the top off of it without breaking it. It just seems like a cheap way to try to compete with other, more expensive canister filters that employ media baskets in the correct way. Unfortunately, if you decide to do away with the media basket of the 2213, you are left with the fact that eheim no longer manufactures the round filter pads that fit inside the filter well without the media basket.

Review: Eheim Classic 250 canister filter (Eheim 2213)

But, it is the general consensus that a safe starting point for anyone is to shoot for 10x filtration. So, a 75 gallon tank would have about 750gph flow. So, I looked up an Eheim 2213, and it said 116 gph. I looked up the 2215 and it said 163 gph on the page I found it.The data I have on the Eheim 2213 filter is approximately 116 GPH without media and 103 GPH with Eheim recommended media. The 2215 is approx. 164 GPH without media and 134 GPH with Eheim recommended media. These numbers can vary depending on the distance from the filter base to the aquarium rim.I just opened the box for my eheim 2213 and the instructions are not very clear about how to setup. There are lots of tubes, valves and filter media. is it all necessary? How should I connect all of these valves. It only came with one length of tube. I am assuming I will need to cut this to various lengths?En este vídeo podemos observar como de debe limpiar correctamente el filtro Eheim 2213 o Eheim Classic 250. Si te interesan mas vídeos de este estilo déjalo en los comentarios y dale a like!

¿Te gusta lo que hago o te ha resultado de utilidad? Puedes invitarme a un café pulsando en este link: Der EHEIM classic Aussenfilter 2213 ist zusätzlich mit einem praktischen Filtereinsatz und speziellen Vliesen zur Trennung der Filtermassen ausgestattet.Because my fancy goldfish were recently moved from a tub to an actual aquarium, I switched from a pond filter to regular aquarium filtration in the form of an Eheim Classic 250 canister (also known as the Eheim Classic 2213).