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All snakes are carnivores; they eat only other animals. Baby king and milksnakes dobest on a diet of pinky mice, generally one or two pinky mice once a week. As the snakegrows, so should its prey. A general rule of thumb is to feed a snake a food item that isas large, or slightly larger, than the diameter of the snake at its widest point(excluding the head). King and milksnakes, specifically the California kingsnake, willoften eat other snakes of the same size if given the opportunity, so it is best to houseeach snake individually to avoid this problem. In fact, rattlesnakes make up a significantpart of the diet of wild California kingsnakes! When purchasing a new snake, it is veryimportant to purchase only baby snakes that have eaten unaltered domestic pinky mice atleast once but preferably more. Reputable breeders do not sell baby snakes that have noteaten (unless they tell you so) and will often provide you with a record of the babysnake’s feedings (at herp shows this is often written on the bottom of the for salecontainer). This is especially important with the "problem feeding" species suchas the grey-banded kingsnake, whose babies are notoriously difficult to get feeding onpinky mice. Make sure you check this before you buy!!

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We have some sharp Eastern Chain King snakes for sale at the lowest prices online. This is a highly desirable species for a variety of reasons, including a tendency to quickly become quite tame. They consume rodents, birds, and have a proclivity for turtle eggs! When you buy a snake from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

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Eastern kingsnake for sale I suggest buying baby kingsnakes that have fed at least three times on baby mice before you take possession. You can assume that the parents were healthy and well kept, or the babies wouldn’t be available for sale.

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I have the following I am looking to rehome as I don't have the time for all my snakes any more. I have a male Thayeri king, unsexed SC corn, unsexed SC eastern king, and a pair of rosy boas. I will let all 5 go for a reasonable price. I have a 1754 animal plastics PVC rack that is heated and 7 tubs high. I also have a 1753 economy rack that is 6 tubs high. They are in perfect condition and have working heat and all tubs. Look at the prices online and consider here that you will get a small discount and save yourself shipping costs. I also have some visions I'm considering letting go. I have 2 rat breeder racks with water systems and edstrom valves. They use concrete tubs and are 7 tubs high each. Contact via call or text for pics of everything and prices. All the racks are in excellent shape and you won't be disappointed. I have no time to mess with shipping anything so local sales only (basically between Charlotte and Columbia).

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