Two great blue herons in synchronous flight

As a lawyer, Jinnah gained fame for his skilled handling of the 1907 "". This controversy arose out of Bombay municipal elections, which Indians alleged were rigged by a "caucus" of Europeans to keep Sir out of the council. Jinnah gained great esteem from leading the case for Sir Pherozeshah, himself a noted barrister. Although Jinnah did not win the Caucus Case, he posted a successful record, becoming well known for his advocacy and legal logic. In 1908, his factional foe in the , , was arrested for sedition. Before Tilak unsuccessfully represented himself at trial, he engaged Jinnah in an attempt to secure his release on bail. Jinnah did not succeed, but obtained an acquittal for Tilak when he was charged with sedition again in 1916.

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Uncertainty exists regarding the duration of the overall extinction and about the timing and duration of various groups' extinctions within the greater process. Some evidence suggests that there were multiple extinction pulses or that the extinction was spread out over a few million years, with a sharp peak in the last million years of the Permian. Statistical analyses of some highly fossiliferous in Meishan, Province in southeastern China, suggest that the main extinction was clustered around one peak. Recent research shows that different groups became extinct at different times; for example, while difficult to date absolutely, and extinctions were separated by 670 to 1170 thousand years. In a well-preserved sequence in east , the decline of animals is concentrated in a period 10 to long, with plants taking several hundred thousand additional years to show the full impact of the event. An older theory, still supported in some recent papers, is that there were two major extinction pulses 9.4 million years apart, separated by a period of extinctions well above the background level, and that the final extinction killed off only about 80% of marine species alive at that time while the other losses occurred during the first pulse or the interval between pulses. According to this theory one of these extinction pulses occurred at the end of the of the Permian. For example, all but one of the surviving genera died out at the end of the Guadalupian, as did the , a family of large-size . The impact of the on marine organisms appears to have varied between locations and between taxonomic groups— and had severe losses.

The exact external dimensions of the four sides of Great Court are:

Experience The Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park for your next trip! Nevertheless, the practice of mass arrest and exile continued until Stalin's death in 1953. Political executions also continued, but, with the exception of and other during , on a vastly smaller scale. One notorious example is the "", in which at least thirteen prominent Yiddish writers were executed on 12 August 1952. Historians such as have argued that while the Great Terror ended in 1938, a lesser terror continued in the 1940s.

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