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There is a wide variety of Dwarf Hamster Cages on the market today varying in price, size, quality, and accessories.

Today you are going to learn which dwarf hamster cages your hamster will love that can be bought for half the price of the big brands.

Of the five species kept commonly as pets, only the Campbell's dwarf hamster and Djungarian hamsters are able to interbreed and produce live offspring or hybrids. Although hybrids make suitable pets, the breeding of hybrids and can cause health and reproduction problems. In addition, the widespread breeding and distribution of hybrids could threaten the existence of both pure species and subspecies of the ecosystem, resulting in only mongrels. Hybridizing causes each litter to become smaller and the young begin to form problems.

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If you are like me, a “Dwarf Hamster Lover”. Then you want the best dwarf hamster cages with out the HUGE price tag. The main thing to avoid is a modular cage, that is, a cage that has several sections linked together, such as rotastak, crittertrails, habitrail etc. Generally, you want to choose a flat, basic cage without tubes or compartments, like the ones shown below. These may seem boring, but they aren't boring to the hamster when filled with plenty of deep bedding, wheels and other appropriate toys. For more information about choosing toys suitable for multiple dwarfs, please see the toys section under Hamster Care.

Female Robo Dwarf Hamster | live pet Live Small Pets | PetSmart

Your hamster habitat should be the biggest investment you buy for your hamster. There are plenty of cheap sub-standard cages sold in pet stores that do not meet the minimum size requirement. If you are on a tight budget – ‘Ware Manufacturing‘ have some basic but big cages for sale that meet the for both Syrian and Dwarfs that can be had for prices under 50 dollars on amazon. You can find some bargain hamster cages on eBay – Cages do not hold their value well on the second-hand market.

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Another great option are homemade bin cages – They can be made very cheaply and suit both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.

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