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Such a beautiful restaurant near the Hagia Sophia. We were walking pass and were attracted to the words "ottoman palace dining". We watched the sunset over the old town, and service was impeccable. The food has been one of the better few in turkey, more refined with an acceptable budget. We had the duck stew , chicken with onions and...

Any duck meat will work just fine for this stew, I was just lazy to remove bones.

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Chunks of cage-free duck with antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies in a sweet potato stew. It may be early to start planning the holiday menu, butappropriators in Congress already are planning for the lame-duck stew they hopeto serve up in December.

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Prepare the stew:
Melt butter in a sauté pan. Add flour-coated duck meat and brown on all sides.

Add the meat and juices to a stockpot, or slow cooker. Deglaze the pan.String Hoppers also known as Idiyappam is a Kerala breakfast dish often had with milk and sugar or a stew. Most popular stews served with Idiyappam are Egg stew, Chicken stew, Veg stew and Mutton stew. This is my mother's favourite Duck stew that she often serves for festive occasions. Having had it for Easter recently I thought of sharing it here. Unlike the traditional stews, this stew uses milk and not coconut milk. It also cooks the duck after it is marinated with pepper and ground ginger and garlic. Mom believes this takes away the raw smell of duck which is unbearable to people at times.
One hour later, the stew was ready. My husband always serves it with homemade cornbread. My family likes to take a wedge of cornbread, break it up a bit, put it in the bottom of their bowls, and add the stew on top. I usually add a garnish of sliced green onions or parsley. Delicious! This is a family favorite that we look forward to every winter during duck hunting season.
Blueberries aren’t the first fruit that comes to mind for a savory winter stew, but they actually go really well with the duck here. Flavor-wise, duck is a little more intense than chicken, and bringing out the richness with herbs and a little bit of sweetness makes for a very satisfying meal.