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Douxo Calm Micro-emulsion Spray contains active ingredients that work together to manage irritations, restore the skin barrier and control the local flora. The micro-emulsion spray technology allows for the active ingredients to mix into the surface lipidic film for optimal diffusion and persistence, without leaving the hair wet or sticky.

Douxo Calm Micro-emulsion Spray helps manage irritations and restore the skin b...

Two other important things that I have found to be very helpful to keep Kaffee from getting an allergic reaction or to help if he has been exposed to grasses or other pollens is to wash off the pollens after contact. This can be done by wiping down his legs, feet and body but when I can I just wash him off in his dog tub. Dr. Alex also recommended an excellent shampoo DOUXO Calm shampoo that gently removes allergens from the skin. Their DOUXO Calm Micro-emulsion spray has been an excellent way to sooth itchy skin especially on his feet and legs.

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Douxo Calm Micro-emulsion Spray helps manage irritations and restore the skin b... For example, the QCU failed to investigate or did not fully investigate complaints in numerous documented instances. Specifically, nineteen (19) consumer complaints were received by your firm from July 2009 to May 2011, for DUOXO Microcellular Cleaning Solution, DUOXO Spot-on, DUOXO Microcellular Solution, DUOXO Seborrhea Shampoo, and DOUXO Calm Emulsion Spray. The complaints included: animal ruptured ear drum, animal skin reactions, respiratory distress in humans, and a related human death. We have concluded your company did not conduct timely, comprehensive investigations. Your firm's management, including the QCU, was not proactive in response to consumer complaints. Quality problems must be thoroughly investigated, root cause determined, and appropriate corrective and preventive actions implemented. Furthermore, your firm does not have a written procedure for conducting investigations when complaints are received. We acknowledge your commitment to develop an SOP for complaint handling; however, your response is inadequate because you do not define a timeframe for completion or define what will be further developed in the SOP.

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Douxo Calm Allergy Microemulsion is designed to make the treatment of allergic dermatitis easier and more effective for pets and pet owners. This spray helps to sooth itching and calm inflammation on your pets skin. Douxo Calm Allergy Microemulsion...

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