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Most helpful dog owner's review (): “Love it! My dogs have a dog door & often track in dirt/stuff from the yard. This works great to capture stuff from their…”

The Debt and the Doormat was received gratefully from Laura Barnard for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

One thing that Val has never out grown though, is her separation anxiety. We feel that she had suffered some abuse in her previous life. And so when leave the house, she has continually destroyed whatever door mat was in front of the door! We tried all types that seemed like they would be indestructible, but to no avail!

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Envelor Home Hollow Rubber Doormat & Reviews | Wayfair […] Having my 4 labs and lots of rain here this might beat using all the towels I do that get so wet!! LABoratory Review: Soggy Doggy Doormat Its a Lab Thing Gunner 4-26-05 CGC Daisy 5-1-06 Spitfire Dylan 3-30-06 Awesome Brandee 12-7-05 Mom ~ […]

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Janet, I’ve washed mine now a few times and it has held its shape, but I also line dry it. After I wrote this review, a few folks suggested I try a similar rug one can find at Ikea – which I did. The Ikea rug is a bath mat and not intended to “soak up” pet feet, but the weave, fabric and texture is very similar to the Dirty Dog Doormat which is thicker. Both do the job, but I still prefer the Dirty Dog Doormat because it IS thicker, and with my breed, I can use all the help I can get.

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Doormats come in all shapes, materials, and sizes, and not every one is right for your needs. You need to ask yourself where you'll be placing this doormat. That doesn't only refer to the location around your home but also whether or not the mat will sit inside or outside. One mat that is quite popular to keep at the entrance of a home is the scraper mat. This style is made from a rough, straw-like material and is almost like a giant brush for your feet. Its bristles can reach into the crevices of the bottoms of one's shoes and scrape out stubborn dirt. If the first impression visitors get of your home is important to you, then you should add a scraper mat. Since this style sucks bacteria down to its base and traps it there, it looks clean for a very long time. It's also a good choice for anyone in the process of trying to sell their home, since small .This best dog doormat has expectedly faded a lot since the first day it stood on its post, but it has not failed to dry wet feet or trap dirt and hair. Dogs also find the rug to be a comfortable place to lie on while they keep an eye on the door. Some buyers were not pleased with the absorbency of this rug. They say it does not work as advertised. However, there are very few of these reviews and the majority of feedback is very positive.