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All dogs will enjoy chewing on this unique treat. Our Prairie Dog Regular Deer Antler Dog Chew provides great taste and health benefits for dogs. Prairie Dog Antlers are North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested. The antlers are Grade A and B, meaning they are the highest quality product on the market today. This 100% natural dog chew is a natural source of several essential minerals such as collagen, which is good for bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage; lipids, which are essential for growth and development; and glucosamine, which is good for joints and tissue. This antler dog chew also provides calcium and phosphorous, which benefits bones and teeth, iron for healthy blood cells, potassium for nerve and muscle function, and magnesium, which aids in storing and releasing energy. This dog chew promotes a healthier coat and cleans teeth. What more could you want? So go ahead and treat your furry friend to this non-allergenic, odor free, all natural dog chew that won't splinter or chip!

Our Deer Antler Dog Bones sourced from New Zealand deer raised on grass-fed farms

For crying out loud alreday. Talking about bones and calcium is akin to suscribing the piltdown man debacle. Bone, like all other body tissues, are living tissues. As such, ALL nutrients are required for proper bone develoment.
Bone is 1/3 minerals, 1/3 water and 1/3 protein. In seniors, due to a combination of dietary protein deficit often due to lack of appetite in turn often often linked to lack of taste oft due to zinc deficiency, creating a lack of desire to eat. Combine that with such pronounced activity lack and caloric expenditure, that there is little reason for hunger to develop (aside from the need for nutrition, but now we come full circle back to interest lack).
Finally, we have the extremly commom phenom. of hypochlorhydria, thus rendering any consumed protein, wholly or partially undigested. And thus, well, you can see where this goes.
Then there is the either functional or sub-acute pathologic dehydration.
Minerals required, well, all. Worry about specifics is putting the cart before the horse, unless one is referring to why deer antlers are prematurely disengaging from their owners heads!
Bone mineral integrity requires: Ca, Mg, Mn, Cu, Bo, Si, Fl, Vit A, spleen activity…and the list goes on and on.
We are not even talking about bone building hormones, and the effects of Wolffe’s Law (the piezo-electric effect of bone strengthening).
So I know of course that I am coming across as Mr full of myself, but the facts are what they are.
Bone health is not that complicated. Eat real foods, eat them slowly and well, and exercise – every day of your whole life, to whatever degree works for you.
end of sermon

Prairie Dog Giant Deer Antler Dog Chew ..

Even picky pups will succumb to the influence of a USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler Treat The team prepared 40 mm long blocks of dry antler and wet deer femur and measured the amount of force needed to bend the blocks to find out how flexible the materials were. Even though most bones are relatively brittle and inflexible when dry, the team found that the dry antlers are almost as stiff as wet bone: which is ideal for weapons that have to survive a lengthy pushing contest after the initial clash.

Kong Wild Whole Elk Antler Dog Bone.

Our Deer Antler Dog Bones sourced from New Zealand deer raised on grass-fed farms. The bone is then naturally air-dried to retain its goodness in a shelf-stable form. They’re great for oral health, long-lasting and dogs go crazy for them. Please note, these are not available in European or North American markets.

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