GE 2-Pack 32-Watt 6500K Daylight Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs

There are a number of ways to address this if you really want to get a nice indoor photo. The cheapest, easiest and most effective way I have found is to simply purchase a couple of daylight fluorescent bulbs. The give off a natural daylight that makes your pictures look amazing and ….NOT YELLOW.

Light your home or business with the Philips 40-Watt Daylight Deluxe Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb

The Philips Daylight Deluxe 20-Watt Linear Fluorescent Light Bulbs (2-Pack) are designed for warm climates and make rooms feel cooler. These indoor bulbs feature a light output of 1,075 lumens and last up to 9,000 life hours. The light bulbs are designed for residential and commercial lighting applications.

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T8 32-Watt Daylight (6500K) ALTO Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb (10-Pack). Consider using the Philips 32-Watt 12 in. T9 daylight Deluxe Circline Fluorescent Light Bulbs (12-Pack) to help create a cool and refreshing environment inside of your home or business. These fluorescent bulbs cast a bright, white glow making them ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms. These long-lasting bulbs can shine up to 12,000 hours using 32 watts of energy.

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The Philips 23-Watt T2 Daylight Deluxe Twister CFL Light Bulb (4-Pack) projects an ultra-white (6500K) light similar to natural daylight to brilliantly illuminate household interiors. Considerably more efficient than a 100 watt incandescent equivalent, each compact fluorescent lamp puts out a substantial 1600 lumens at a cost of only $2.77 in electricity consumption per year, amounting to a collective savings of $336 from the quartet over their existence. Fashioned with a medium base and compact in stature to fit a variety of light fixtures, these T2-spiraled bulbs are designed to last for 10,000 hours apiece and are Energy Star-qualified for their modest use of power. (E)* means this bulb meets federal minimum efficiency standards.

GE 48" Active Spaces T8 Daylight Fluorescent Bulbs , 2pk

Light your home or business with the Philips 40-Watt Daylight Deluxe Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb. Its bright arctic white glow helps rooms feel cooler for a refreshing environment. It works well in laundry rooms, bathrooms and more. ALTO technology fluorescent bulbs have lower mercury content making them more environmentally friendly. The Philips 75-Watt daylight Deluxe Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb (2-Pack) casts a vibrant, white glow that shine up to 12,000 hours. This light bulb helps rooms feel cooler and more refreshed. ALTO technology fluorescent bulbs are better for the environment because of the reduced mercury content. Using 75 watts this bulb can output up to 4,500 lumens. The arctic white light from the Philips 32-Watt 4 ft. T8 Daylight Linear Alto Fluorescent Light Bulbs (10-Pack) helps create a cool and refreshing environment. These lights work well in bathrooms and laundry rooms. The long-lasting bulbs can shine up to 30,000 hours using 2,850 lumens. These bulbs feature ALTO low-mercury technology so they're more environmentally friendly than regular fluorescents. This Philips 15-Watt (15W) T8 Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb provides a bright white light that simulates natural daylight, making it ideal for placement in a variety of living spaces. Its 590 Lumens of brightness and 5000K color temperature provide immersive illumination. The bulb provides up to 7,500 hours of long-lasting use.