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While the kittens redefine cute in their handmade costumes, one has to wonder how hard it is to get creatures with tiny claws into outfits best suited to human cosplayers, not to mention have them pose for the camera.

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According to the rescuer, Wasabi-chan did not like being fed by tube, but it was necessary to swaddle the kitty (that’s why the cute costumes were made!) for it had a small puncture in its throat as well as some oral injuries that prevented Wasabi-chan from eating normally.

Panda costume + kitten= CUTE PANDA KITTEN!!

Bubblegum Kitten Set bdsm petplay cat costume kitty kawaii cute faux fur ears tail collar choker What a lucky little baby, not only for being rescute, but having such an awesome grandma to make these costumes. I think all kitties should have the chance to look like a little ‘shroom or tarako (the pink one).

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Take plenty of pictures of your toddler in this adorable costume, so they can see how cute they looked when they grow up into a cool cat, too! The soft one piece jumpsuit has everything you'll need to dress your little one up as a cuddly striped kitten, including a plush tail attached to the back, and a button up hood with ears and a kitty face stitched into the top. Keep an eye on your yarn when this little kitten is scampering about, or they might run off with it!

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These five little kittens dressed up in onesies made out of socks are the cutest thing you’ll see today. Yes, their costume is DIY, but it makes the whole picture even better. Cute, tiny kitten babies won’t be cold now.Last week, a delicate baby kitten called Wasabi-Chan became the cutest thing on the Internet, after pictures were posted of her dressed in a full-length, hand-crocheted mushroom bodysuit. The itty-bitty kitty was wearing the woven button mushroom costume to assist with feeding her through a tube after she was found abandoned and having been attacked by the world’s meanest crow. Now she’s making great strides toward recovery. Here’s what we know about the heart-melting story of Wasabi-Chan.If you love cats, why not go all out and be a sexy version for Halloween? A sexy kitten costume isn't hard to make. Dressing in one color, wearing cute kitten ears, and painting on some dramatic makeup will help you pull off the look. Don't forget to practice your flirty purr before Halloween night!