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Start by preparing an aquarium where your crickets will live. A 10 gallon aquarium will be fine to start, though you may need to expand that depending on how big your business grows. Make sure there is fresh water and food for the crickets. You can also use broken up egg crates to provide places for them to hide (they often like their privacy). Then, when your crickets are ready, just hang out a sign saying crickets for sale.

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Feed your pet a tasty, lively treat with live crickets. Crickets are natural prey for a variety of companion pets including lizards, amphibians and arachnids. If you have a leopard gecko, a green tree frog or an emperor scorpion, odds are that your pet would love to eat a cricket. Feeder crickets are irresistible to insect-eating pets; chasing live crickets around a terrarium makes mealtime both fun and exciting! Vita-Bugs Live Crickets are naturally appealing and nutritious. You can increase the crickets' nutritional value by using supplements or vitamin additives. Some supplements can be sprayed onto crickets while others can be consumed. These supplements add calcium and other essential nutrients required in a proper lizard or frog diet. Vita-Bugs Crickets are available in a variety of sizes to suit many ages and types of pets. Smaller sized crickets (pinhead, 1/4" and 1/2") are ideal for smaller or young pets. Adult crickets should be reserved for full size pets of the appropriate size. A cricket that is too large may be inedible. Understanding the needs of your pet's type and age will help you determine which size of cricket is best for feeding. Be sure to watch your pet when feeding live crickets; live uneaten food should be removed from your terrarium to prevent crickets from injuring a resting pet. Vita-Bugs Live Crickets are for sale in bulk quantities, so you will want to make sure you have the right supplies to maintain your crickets until feeding time. Feeder crickets benefit from specialized cricket diets and gel drinks that provide nutrients and hydration without the risk of drowning. Food for crickets is designed to nourish not just crickets but also your pets; by gut loading your crickets, you can increase their nutritional value before you feed them to your own reptile, amphibian or arachnid.

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- A good introduction to the concept of running a cricket farm and offering crickets for sale. During a visit to a pet shop in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga,South Africa in 2013. I came across a shelf which was stocked with selling live cricket insects. I was so shocked and surprised as I've never seen insects like crickets for sale in retail. I then learnt the insects are sold to pet owners of spiders, scorpions and any other reptiles eating insects. What's next? For more videos, search for Nolan Allnutt on YouTube. Catch ya later! Like and Share.

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Tips To Keep Your Crickets Alive Longer – Crickets for Sale Having crickets in the house for pet food is something that many people actually have to worry about. If you have a certain pet, like a bearded dragon, which will eat live crickets, it is important to keep them alive, so then your bearded […]

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Top Hat Cricket Farm is located in Southwest Michigan. We grow and sell the Gryllodes sigillatus species of live crickets, also known as the banded cricket, the most common cricket species. This allows you to order crickets online for reptiles, insects and other pets. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing the best live crickets for sale, along with outstanding service with each and every order. As a result, we are a top choice for bulk crickets in the Midwest. When you buy from at Top Hat Crickets, you'll get an excellent product at a competitive price with the guarantee that your crickets will arrive alive and healthy every time.If you've ever owned a pet reptile or frog, then you know that the cost of crickets can add up. However, what you may not realize is that it's easy to start your own cricket farm and hang out a shingle offering crickets for sale. This is a way of making money which can even be done from home rather than needing to do it in a large outdoor farm like environment. Here's what you need to know: