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Another option would be to strictly feed your crested or gargoyle gecko one of the complete crested gecko diets. This is the most convenient method of feeding while still maintaining a healthy pet. Allen Repashy, Matthew Parks and Vicki Casella have developed diets that contain balanced levels of proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fats that these geckos require. These meal replacement powders (MRPs) are mixed with water to create a fruity paste that the geckos will eat. The most commonly found MRP is the Repashy Crested Gecko Diet and it can be found in most local reptile and exotic animal stores. Occasionally, it can be found in chain pet stores.

All the Repashy crested gecko diets currently on the market contain plants and fruits mixed with various protein sources.

You can also blend up gutlaoded & dusted bugs into the fruit. This is handy if your crested gecko does not take live food. We recommend having a separate blender for this purpose! Just remember, adding bugs does not necessarily make this a complete diet. You need to be sure they are receiving a balance of macro and micro nutrients. Supermarket fruit and a single type of bug feeder is not an adequate crested gecko diet.

Good fruits for cresties - Pangea Reptile

The best tasting complete diet for crested geckos and other fruit eating geckos The newer Pangea brand, Pangea Fruit Mix Complete, has seen similar results in health with a good feeding response. We use it as well as Repashy products because it is a well-balanced meal replacement on paper and with testing on multiple generations of crested geckos. Matt Parks, the maker of the product, still recommends live insect feedings to supplement the diet and for behavioral stimulation.

Pangea Fruit Mix™ Watermelon Mango Complete Gecko Diet

Yes, crested geckos can eat crickets and many other feeder insects. However, they should not make up the majority of the diet as in the wild, they feed on both bugs and fruits, as well as pollen and nectar from flowers. In some cases, they may even consume flower buds – this is confirmed with their relative species, the Gargoyle Gecko. We have also observed a crested gecko lick pollen/nectar from an orchid flower within a planted terrarium.

Made with over 60% all natural dried fruits