Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Windmill Foraging Toy | Petco

Nibbles the Quaker 'test drives' the new Space Circles foraging toy made by Creative Foraging Systems. This is similar in design to the old 'Foragewise Crazy 8's'. I think this design is much better.

This one is obviously clear, the Crazy 8's was dark purple and also hung from the top of the 8, whereas this one hangs from the centre of the 8 which makes it easier to use for smaller birds. You can see my Corella using the old design here:

The space circles toy sits so that the end of the toy (where you move the treat to) hangs a little lower than the opening. Also, the inside of the '8' is NOT entirely hollow, there's some sections blocked and only 1 path that gets the treat to the opening. So Nibbles needs to put her weight on the correct end of toy as well as rotating it back and forth.
She actually didn't get the treat in this video but did manage to get it to the opening. About 20 minutes later (after doing some other toys) she came back, climbed down the chain and got the treat out which was a pellet wrapped in paper. A larger treat would've been easier for her to pick out but she couldn't get her head right in the opening.
There's a better/new video here!

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Creative Foraging Systems Hide & Seek Refillable Canister, 4-Inch W by 6-Inch L

Our Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Four Corners Mount Foraging Toy is a highly interactive device that provides entertainment for parrots and their human companions. The lids on each box open differently and the entire device spins freely on the bracket. Your Parrot will spin the carousel until the box containing the preferred food item is appropriately positioned. Your bird must determine how to open the lid so that he or she can retrieve the food. To make it more exciting and entertaining make sure to add different food items such as nuts, fruit, pellets etc. to the individual boxes. Try hiding certain items in shredded paper or add a colorful wooden chew block in one of the boxes. Carousel bracket mounts on the side of the cage.

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Tilt-a-Wheel Cagemount-Creative Foraging System dimensions: 8.5 Our Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Wheel is a user friendly, cost effective system for feeding companion birds. This system requires birds to work for their food as they would in the wild. Constructed of sturdy polycarbonate for long-lasting use. Simply remove back of wheel and fill with your choice of food or treats. This foraging wheel mounts on cage with a mounting plate. Your parrot must spin the wheel to bring each filled section to the recovery chamber. Integrating foraging behavior into your daily feeding protocol will create a stimulating environment, which encourages the natural behaviors universally recommended by avian veterinarians. This wheel is a favorite with highly active and clever parrots. To encourage your bird to keep working the wheel, fill each chamber with a different type of food. Easy to clean, this foraging wheel is machine washable.

Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Four Big Drawers Foraging ..

Our Caitec Creative Foraging Systems Four Big Drawers Foraging Toy is a heavy duty foraging toy specifically designed to withstand big beaks. Mount this parrot foraging toy inside of your bird's cage to keep him entertained for hours; virtually beak proof polycarbonate drawers are a great place to hide your bird's favorite treats or foot toys. Your bird will be able to see whatever you have put into the drawers. Parrots learn to slide each drawer open by the handle. This type of activity helps reduce boredom and the negative behaviors associated with it. Each drawer is 3" square and has a bottom screw-in "lock" that prevents the parrot from removing the drawer but allows you remove it for filling and cleaning. Screw-on mounting bracket included.

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